What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


The Grado headphones are enviable too…


Yes, similar style! Interesting device, but for try it would be complicated… I’m in Belgium…:sweat_smile:


Just picked up a Bastl Dude, which is a tiny 5 channel battery powered mixer. I’m planning on using it as a submixer for my semimodular corner for when I don’t want to use the computer and just mess about – it means I can use my DFAM, 0-coast and Grandmother all together into the ext inputs my Analog 4, which is sequencing the whole setup and adding FX. It also adds pretty nice saturation for the DFAM if I drive it.

I’ll probably tidy the cables up at some point :grin:


gonna brush me teeth :+1:t2:



Deltron 3030 on repeat and Capcom vs Snk 2 on Dreamcast wasted my freshman college years.

Tony Hawk 2 also wasted my youth. Great soundtrack


Elektron site says Del uses an Octatrack! :slight_smile:


Got the Make Noise QPAS last weekend and I (finally) think my Eurorack rig is complete!

Intentions with it? Of course, the range of filtering it offers, I’ve been filterless for over a year because the standard subtractive patch never appealed to me, but this is a completely different way of filtering with four peaks that can moved around in stereo space!


HAHAHAHAHA!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

for starters, you clearly need a DPO… prolly an Ecophon… and an ErbeVerb wouldn’t hurt…


You’re not entirely mistaken, have to give you that :wink:

But, let’s wait a couple of years till the Echophon and the Verb are inevitably updated to true stereo modules and then maybe a Shared System Plus wouldn’t hurt :stuck_out_tongue:

For now though, I’m happy. TelHarmonic + dual STOs do pack a punch and arguably offer more sounds than a DPO, albeit of a different kind.


just delivered: Roland MC-80 EX
this is the EX version with expansion card, which is the sound generator of ROMpler type.
btw, i’ve searched Elektronauts and did not found any posts about this machine.
am i the only one here using it?

intentions: this sequencer has very cool implementation of „Realtime Phrase Sequence“ feature, when up to 100 patterns per song can be triggered from keyboard or other input device by MIDI Note On messages, so it’s very promising as live machine.
moreover, it allows to record the performance to another track at the same time.

and since sound generator card is there, i’ll use it for some kind of drums/percussions.


Is there swing percentage on the sequencer?


yes, of course. but it’s uncommonly named „Shuffle Quantize“


Ikea Runnen…4 2 the floor:


Ableton carpet :ok_hand:t3:


…but luckily it doesnt has the Rubber Finish…




Just purchased this customised GW-M5610 in Octatrack mk2 colours. Just need the OT to go with it.

Edit: actually, I’ll call it SH-101 colours since I have an SH-01A.


Sweeeet. How was it customized?


The stock black bezel and strap have been swapped for grey (using spares from a different model).