What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


The EvenMidi H9 Controller because I prefer encoders instead of touchscreen or mousing.
Organizing and getting everything working good together is the next priority. So coming up are the Eventide PowerMax solution, the iConnectivity mio10 MIDI interface and the SSL X-Desk mixer.


About the 4 year anniversary of my last music gear purchase…
Light years of stuff to unravel still. Seems like a few Elektron take maybe a decade to master if your not really pushing yourself… :smiley:
Slow and easy… To the depths… :grin:


That thing looks cool. I have been teetering on the edge of picking up and H9 Max, and that could push me over the edge.


I think it’s awesome that one approach is to spend years plumbing the depths of an instrument, searching for everything it can possibly do, while others are content to create something they like and just run with it, knowing they’ll learn more later.

I’ve taken both approaches with various instruments (synths, drum machines, acoustic drums, effects, DAW’s, etc), and both are rewarding.


As usual, no right, no wrong for most of the matters, certainly these ones. Only perspectives, preferences, choices, stuff like that… Almost 8 billion of em these days… :earth_asia: :smiley:


True, he’s got some serious skills.




Got my H9 controller just this friday. Today’s the setup time!

Also, preenfm standalone -> eurorack conversion kit, but that needs some quality soldering time.


I love the sounds on the A4, but as you said, I really love how quickly I produce songs when using this magic box.


I have a Mk1, but if I were buying one now I’d def get a mk2.


Harley Benton CST24 in Cherry Flame. Learn to Play it and lay some nice arpeggios beneath a mellow Digitone pad for more organic sounds.


I really like the footprint of my mk1 (and the price I paid!) but yeah I think I agree with you :slight_smile:


You did it! Congrats! That’s a beauty.


This should be the end of my guitar buying spree.

Used Eric Johnson Thinline Strat - the f-hole was apparently controversial, but this semi-hollow design actually works imo. There is a pleasant rounding off of the highs and bit extra midrange and bass compared to solidbody Strats. The tremolo can be used with some force, and only for downward pitch bends, but I’m ok with that as I’d probably only use it for downward chord bends like on “Nowhere Fast” by The Smiths.

Read about this cute little amp on the NAMM Oddities website. Sounds really nice, with less hum than the average guitar amp. Spring reverb and tremolo are also great. I’ve been using my Boss Katana 100 as my practice amp, and it’s served fine, but the Roadtripper MCM sounds so much nicer for clean tones. Still keeping the Boss for the band rehearsal and gigging of course.


Isn’t she a peach?

Purchase: AR mk1
Intentions: Gonna be a rock star.


MKI looks SO much nicer than MKII !


It’s here!!

to go with…

Just finished a run of 7x 12 hour night shifts, need sleep. Not sure if I can focus on user manual pdf.


Lofi Dreams Digdugdiy… It’s a very rare kind of realtime sampler, with granular, filter and bit reduction/sample rate… but even more!! 2 days ago I didn’t know the existence of it, see it for sale and decided to try it. Bit expensive(for me) but I intend to use it as a sound design tool, noise generator and happy accidents device… and maybe, one day, I will use it live…


Who needs sleep when you got a Rytm? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Crank the volume, you’ll be fine… :grin:


reminds me of the Delaydelus: https://bleeplabs.com/store/delaydelus/

sadly, I’ve had one of those for ~4 years now and have barely used it. just doesn’t fit into my workflow. if you enjoy that thing and are interested, lemme know!