What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


I believe it.

Coincidentally it was my desire for the Keys that sent my first A4 out the door.
I was able to sell and buy up for about $100 difference which was a good deal at the time.
I was less productive with the Keys since I am not much of a keyboard player, and more of a programmer. So ultimately the Keys left and other things filled the gap.
It will be good to have an A4 again.


I have read on some forums ages ago that it would work.i think there is a few mods that can be done on it. Only got mine today.aint got a clue how the sampler works yet.is the trigger input for the sampler. I want to try and mod it to get a full wet output of the delays


I love the Keys - it is the perfect size for where I need a controller and offers so much in that regard. However, I do miss the A4, too (which I, too, sold to buy the AK). I actually prefer the ‘tamer’ sound of the A4 to that of the AK, but the differences are subtle enough that I can still get what I want out of the latter. Still, if I had the space, I’d have both.


The trigger input fires off the sampler. MODE C


Cheers. Downloaded the Manuel now👍


It’s take ages to edit audio on it compared to the 2500. Couldn’t stand it when I owned it a couple years back when it came out.


Cool edit pro was wave splicer back then. I had that do the slicing and bounce back to disk. Play on the 2000xl and get it done. Good times.


My suite of software back then was Cool Edit Pro for slicing, Soundforge for stereo editing/polishing, and Opcode Vision for MIDI.
Good times!


Novation SL61 MKIII

I want to try integrating it with Octatrack and Rytm MK2
I also love how the 16 sequencer buttons can be used as quick “chord memory” locations


Yes, but then, what’s the point of a stand alone machine if you need the computer? :wink:

The 2500 with a OTO BOUM will give you speed and more punch than the 2000XL could ever deliver. :grin:


I did so much work with Vision on my squat little Mac Plus (before the audio days, when it was strictly for MIDI sequencing). I loved that program.


Great demo, definitely a hidden gem for sure. I know Autechre used modded versions of this series in their early days… I’m sure I’ll pick up a few at some point.


I haven’t actually purchased it yet, but I’m teetering toward grabbing a Skulpt. I really like my semi-compact desktop setup right now, and this would fit right in for a touch of subtractive poly-synthery. I’d probably control it with one of the Digis or maybe the M:S rather than its own sequencer. (nicer flow I think that way)

Any thoughts on these little guys? I’m “this” close to clicking the buy button. I really like what I’ve seen/heard so far.




I really like the mk2 better !
Like, really… I know for some people it’s the footprint, for other the price…
Of course.
But A4 mk2 is not THAT much larger.

The sound is better IMO. More “raw”, if you need it to be that way. And having access to a performance knob while tweaking is awesome.
And, well, separate outs :wink:


I’m a bit of a cheerleader for it. With the continuously variable osc shapes and filter modes it’s got a surprising range of timbres and it does sound really nice - there are plenty of demos to give you a feel for it’s sound which I’m sure you’ve done to death but I was taken by surprise by how nice it sounds when tweaking it in person. Mine’s is connected to my DT/DN and it’s my plan to use it as part of a wee live rig.

I also backed their forthcoming Craftsynth2 on Kickstarter too as it offers a nice companion monosynth with a whole bunch of interesting features for waveshaping.


Nice! Yeah, I’ve checked out quite a few demos, and like the sound of it. The interface seems usable, and the features are good. I’m a big variable waveform and wave shaper guy, so this seems like it would be fun. The size fits into my desktop environment too.


Guy wrote me back already…he has no experience with the RSD-10. So…unsure if its laid out the same way.


I’m familiar with the MK2 attributes from my Rytm MK2.

I just prefer the A4 MK1. (and its lower used price point) :slight_smile:


I’m liking this tip. :thup: