What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


Can you make use of the “Send request” CC #61 with the Twister? So that the values get updated? Or what’s the way you use the Twister with your OT?


I recently got a TE PO-33 sampler.

I intend to sample things.




Just bought a 3rd TC Electronic Fireworx.

I’m stockpiling these things.


One effects unit I will never sell.there great as long as the psu gets replaced


£50 bargain off eBay.only used it for 10mins and love it


I haven’t tried that yet.
The Twister was obtained in order to control levels, eq, filters, fx sends.
This way I wouldn’t have to page around the OT to change them there.
The more I’ve used it, I am only using the Twister to change those values, and not using the OT’s encoders for those values, so I haven’t needed to spit out the #61 values “update”.


Do you know if units beyond a certain serial number are safe?


Okay, thanks for letting me know!


I’m not sure tbh.i think what used to happen was the psu used to overheat.i had mine replaced when I brought it. I still leave a gap in my rack just in case.but I have never had problems myself


Have you ever had any problems with yours


I owned 2 when they were 1st released (owned 5 in total) I had them for years & never had issues with those. I suppose over time things go wrong.

Currently, the oldest one i have had some issues last year. It was to do with user presets that i’d saved. At the time of editing/saving they were fine, but one day the unit started muting certain user presets with the DSP Overload message. I basically reset the whole thing & all seems fine.

I don’t have mine in a rack, but they’re all stacked & spaced apart with Lego tyres.


I’ve bought a Digitone, only it’s taking a million years to arrive. OH FOR THE LOVE OF UK STOCK PLEASE!

My intention is to finally have it, one day. I’ve had to adjust my aspirations for it accordingly.


I have the delay/pitch shifter and it is total lo-fi joy.


Sounds good.next one to track down😁


I got the RSD-10, would like and RPS-10 as well. Super fun box. Theres a mod for the RPS-10 that makes for longer delay times if you have the stones/skills to open it up and do a little soldering.



I think it can be done for the rsd 10 as well.might mod mine.only just got it.how have you set yours up.do you use a y cable for pitch and audio in


I’m about to have an A4 MK1 again, maybe some time next week.

On no other synth was I ever as productive, so my main intention is getting back to that level of productivity.


I have hooked up to three of the outs of my MOTU. One for audio in, one for pitch and one for trigger.
Then the out goes back to my soundcard.

That way i can route anything to either port.

I was wondering if that mod would werk for the RSD as well. Been looking at that post about the mod for YEARS. Wrote the guy today to see if he thinks that mod would werk on the RSD. I dont know enough about that kind of thing. If he gets back to me, ill forward what he says. It was so long ago that that was initially posted.


I cannot express how important the A4 (well, Analog Keys) has become to my studio. I have more than thirty synths and samplers - some legends among them - and yet the AK is one I turn to more often than any other and, in fact, because of its CV flexibility, I depend on it to get the most of some of the others. Oddly enough, when discussing outboard effects processors with a friend yesterday, I realized that I probably use the AK’s delay more than any other effects processor in my studio.