What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]

Weeks may pass before you remember to eat again! :joy:


Everytime I see an Output table I want one!


What monitors do you have now? I can recommend the Focal Alpha 65, they were brilliant.

Model cycles! This is my first groovebox and I’m excited to pack it full of jams!


It’s very nice. A little speedy, and lead time is long but it’s high quality, not cheap wood. Very sturdy and really adds to the ease of working

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Shows how old I am , I bought the vinyl single in 1988, still got it, Brian Dougans. ‘Regarded as the first uk acid techno record to break into the mainstream’ according to wiki :grinning:

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Grandmother adopted from the one and only @Scot_Solida… can’t wait to put it through it’s paces tonight.


This story about it is crazy:


image image

First power on. Buttons look pretty good


I’ve got Yamaha MSP 5’s and I’m using just some little tiny Presonus Eris things atm, so as not to send the neighbours insane. The Shapes were a replacement for the CMS which a lot of people thought were better than the adams ax’s.

I bought the Shape 65 monitors recently and love them. The Alpha 65 I had before were amazing for the money though and you’re right, they can easily upset the neighbours. :laughing:

Didn’t realise Waterman and Brookes had much to do with it. The top of the pops clip with people clapping along kills me, that happened so much. Ha

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Are you able to turn on recoding, zoom, move the gimble, etc, on the Mobile 3, or are
you setting everything in filmic and using the Mobile 3 as a stabilizer?

Maybe they finally released the SDK and added it to Filmic. Will have to go back and check. Thanks.


Just got this moments ago and walked over to the lookout near my home where all the teens smoke weed. This is why I got this… to impress teenagers. Lol.


I want to hear what bubbling bong water sounds like in Granular synthesis.


Just bought a used behringer model d only to have a monophonic bass synth which hopefully fits better in my mixes…

Bought a Squid. Been putting it through it’s techno paces for a few days now. Lots to like about it. Bought for what it can already do.


Finally came!

Intentions: noodling, of course


I just wanted to compare the JU with my SH, and was already set to return it…

until i realised what beautifull nice Instant ambient sequences the JU has slumbering inside.
Going on vacation at the North Sea next week. This will be the battery powered terrace setup.