What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


I just bought an Apple refurbished Macbook Pro 2018. It’s going to replace my old 2013 Macbook Pro, and hopefully enable me to use some of the more CPU hungry plugs without having to freeze tracks, increase buffer sizes etc etc. I also got a Caldigit TS3 Plus Thunderbolt dock to go with it, which will hopefully circumvent the USB audio issues that some people have reported


Beautiful Strat Ultra! If it were mine I’d be inclined to keep the scratchplate because of the memories, but the anodized idea sounds cool. Looks a lot like the one I tried at a music store in the 90. I could barely play at the time, then a teenager took his turn on it and he made it sound much better, lol.


Volca keys on the way as a portable OT synth companion, primarily for travel.
My job has required more travel this year and it’s nice to have the OT in a hotel room with my laptop. Being productive or just passing the time.

I’ve also missed my old A4 a bit lately but haven’t had the budget for an analog poly costing much more than a Volca.

Looking forward to getting wild on the CC#s and the OT MIDI ARP. And I suspect this will be my main sample food for Daren’s OT science lab challenge.


Smart! You’ve done your research.


Remember that the volca keys has a whine somewhere in the high freqs… forgot the freq point, was it somewhere around 18kHz? or was it 12k? Anyway, its easy enough to remove with a sharp Q digital eq. Volca keys is otherwise a very nice bit of kit for the money, if not a tad limited in poly (only two waveforms available in poly modes)


I just got the Source Audio Ventris reverb pedal. It sounds amazing and my planned use is to lift me out of my stressful life into a creamy, soft heaven-like space dream that I totally deserve.


Nice! I keep telling myself no hardware FX units as I have some really good plugins, but that pedal and the strymon volante are calling me.


Very cool fretboard on that one!


I totally get that. Jazzmasters pre the AmPro model lacked the headroom (for want of a better term) that recording engineers like to have.


This one isn’t all that fun. Replacing the low frequency driver in one of my monitors. I’m not sure how it blew really. I use them at low volumes 95% of the time. Oh well, the replacement is on the way. I also had to replace two electrolytic caps and a bridge rectifier a while back so maybe something power related did it.


Wish I’d grabbed this a long time ago. Has meant that I can use plugins on hardware being software monitored, which has quenched my thirst for more hardware FX.
I’ve configured it so that each instrument lands exactly on the grid (or as close as possible, due to some devices having a jittery response to incoming notes). As a result hardware synths are tight with OB devices, and software instruments.


Thanks! After I found the sale listing on Reverb, I could not stop thinking about the Tele because of that fretboard.


waiting for delivery on this little guy, sound devices mixpre 3M. probably the highest build/sound quality iOS compatible stand alone interface i could find with this kind of i/o. if anyone has any better suggestions please let me know before my 30 day return window is up :slight_smile:


That 500/1 is a beauty!!! Congrats!


I just got a Zoom H5 to hunt samples for my Octatrack… :slight_smile:


…and I intend to read until my eyes bleed.


Bought a Golden Age Premier 73PRE. Now I can finally get on with that “spiritual 303” project I’ve been planning to do (think new-age music meets plastikman) :diddly:


ah, snap! Just bought one of these so that I have the Digitakt’s fx sends and channel volumes expanded out to make it possible to do some dub style mixing with it… (had to make a little MIDI usb host)

Looking forward to getting a template set up and having a play!


Fender etc charge a lot of money to manufacture the aging process!


I love the Twister.
Glad I already had a MIDI/USB host for it, but I think it is one of the few MIDI controllers that merits the cost of buying/building a host if one doesn’t already have one.

The color coding, the customized functions of the side buttons, the setting where you can make a slow fade of white lights for finer tuning, the center detent options, and the “snap back” to value with the push of the encoder button are a great ensemble of functions.

I find myself pressing OT encoders wishing they’d snap to 0 or 12 o’clock often. :sweat_smile: