What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


Lots of great Tele players including Greenwood but i guess my favorite tele is John Frusciantes from Slanes castle gig


Wow, I’ve always thought of him as a Strat guy.

Agreed, too many great Tele players to name, in just about every genre. Except maybe Indian classical music or something.

The Reverb site cleverly sent me an auto-email upon my purchase compiling some Tele articles. I liked this one about Jeff Beck and the Stairway Tele. https://reverb.com/news/jeff-beck-on-giving-jimmy-page-the-stairway-tele-and-other-tales-from-a-life-in-guitars-bacons-archive?utm_campaign=201809+-+Post-Sale+-+Product+-+Telecaster+%231&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=MarketingCloud


I’d heard about that, but didn’t believe it till now. No more rosewoods. But to be honest, I only ever preferred it because I liked the colour.


AH Mk2 … intend to use it on everything, its awesome! :star_struck:


These do sound great (used to run it through filter in on Roland SH09 to provide more character), but agree, one of the worst OS, an absolute nightmare to program from front panel! MIDI spec is decent so an Elektron sequencer would no doubt unlock some magic.


It’s been a while since I flashed a PSP, but I think PSP 1000 and 2000 series are the easiest.
There are loads of guides around, and it’s probably equally doable on the 3000 today as well.


Funny you should say that - I’ve got an SH-09 sitting on a stand next to the VZ…


Match! SH09 is a great synth…


Indeed. This is the same one I bought in the 80s… still going strong and still stays in tune.


Picked up a Strymon Volante last night - my first fx pedal (after a year of waffling on which reverb pedal to get). My intention is to have fun. I suppose next I’ll have to go with a Big Sky.


Yeah, a very stable synth and also solid build, they seem to last pretty well other than yellowing keyboards.
Sold mine mid 90’s and do miss it from time to time (along with many other synths I no longer own :cry:)


Pair of 2nd hand Genelec 6010Bs. For monitoring, obviously.


3000s are as easy as 1s and 2s nowadays. I did mine last summer.


I haven’t bought anything for ages :frowning:
Not even an iOS app.
But maybe I should be posting in the ‘excessive gear’ thread .
Or get a job


I found out about CITES and the shift away from rosewood shortly after I decided to shop for a Tele. I tried a Telecaster Deluxe a few years ago, and had been thinking about getting one but managed to control the GAS for it until recently. When I started looking for Deluxes they seemed to have disappeared. Eventually I found out what had happened - the CITES thing, name changes, etc.

I was going to go for a used channel-bound rosewood Tele, but I fell for the unusual ebony fretboard coloration, S1 switching, and contoured neck heel of the Tele Elite that I ended up buying.


I saw an interview with J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr, and even though he is pretty much known for Jazzmasters, he said he records with teles. That was a surprise to me.


Love the guitar. Interesting that they are using ebony on that tele. My first real guitar from high school, which I still have, is a 1991 Fender Strat Ultra. At the time, it was the only strat to have an ebony fretboard, which is lovely to play. It is an oddball and has a crazy pickup setup that combined with the mini toggle gives 11-different combinations. I think they were originally envisioning them for session musicians.

This is sort of the strat equivalent to the Tele Plus that Johnny Greenwood played on the first couple of Radiohead albums.

Kelley Deal from The Breeders had the same guitar, but in a beautiful red.


Also, Andy Gill of Gang of Four:


Beautiful Strat, I love the colour. Would like to see how it looks with a black scratchplate.

As a teenager I was fortunate enough to have access to one of the early Jeff Beck custom shop models and that had a similar kind of setup, with the Lace Sensors (five position switch plus the button to switch the bridge pickup mode I think?), the roller nut, etc. That had a rosewood fingerboard. Wonderful guitar.

My current guitar is a white-blond ‘50s repro Tele with a maple neck, but I’m horribly out of practice. Haven’t been in a guitar band for more than 15 years.


Thanks man. I would love to get a black anodized aluminum pickguard like on Thurston Moore’s signature Jazzmaster (I love that guitar).


It’s not clear from that picture but my white scratchplate has gone yellow/mint green from age and having it in a smokey dorm room back in the 90s. I almost feel like it would be a shame to lose the natural wear by changing guards so I’m torn.


Not to derail the thread but it’s funny that you say that, I actually have a watch with a petrol blue / black sunburst dial that is just like that, and one of the best things is the way the slightly mint/yellow colour of the luminescent markers pops off it. It’s definitely a nice colour combination.