What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


I just realised it’s a Thursday night they play so chances are I’ll miss it for the exact same reasons you mention…


Mo Ho anime studio, I want to make some weirdness with it, maybe figure out how to control it via midi


I should have waited for post number 303, huh…


So…clearer shot of the rack/shelf i ordered. Made by Audiorax. Build is awesome. Packing was super good. Takes a while for them to make them. But worth the wait. 4-6 weeks.

Werd of warning. The rack rail holes are not evenly spaced. They are grouped for 1U. So you cant really put 1 hole gaps for ventilation. Initially bummed, but recalled the ol’ bottom row mount. If you just put screws on the bottom holes of the gear you can space the units. Totally fine for 1U stuff.

The messy desk…GONE!

LOTS of options.

Before shot…fuuuuuu, messy. [so dumb]


Bonus points for capturing the reflection of your cat caught in a sun sleep ray.


Are these Grado headphones, right? What’s your experience with them for producing/mixing?
I’m considering one of these, they are mentioned occasionally around here. Sound wise I’m happy with the DT770, but they’re a bit uncomfortable when I’m wearing glasses. On-ear headphones like the Grados would be nicer.

EDIT: Oh and, super cool setup! The first picture is especially nice, very focused and tidy, but with enough room for fun stuff.



I really like the grado for mixing. But im not so good. So…my input prob isnt the best. But i love how they sound. Im hooked. I have a pair of ps1000 for listening as well. Sound amazing sound stage is sick.

Werd of warning…the headband is thin learher. As light as they are after a bit, ya feel it. But on my other pair i wrapped some foam around it. Perfect.

I recommend all their headphones. Lower end models give you a lotta bang for yer buck. High end are sick but spendy


For hands-free Octatrack fun.


Getting one of these in great condition is a dream come true.


Saw Severed Heads supporting Orbital here in Sydney last week. They were really good but given Tom’s reviews, I was very disappointed not to see any synths!


RSD 10 Posse represent!!!


Esp. great condition according to the picture ! Seems brand new !

Last item : Peak in the mail today !
Intention : Rock the party !




This is an excerpt from a GS thread from Dan from Akai

hi, Dan here. I’m going to leave this purely relating to the old school mpcs, not the new ones, since the question at hand is about vintage ones, and I love me some vintage MPCs. My favorite old mpc is actually the 2000XL. here’s some interesting factoids:

MPC 2000XL has a “bug” in the filter section where the resonance is never truly at zero. (S3000XL also has this). it gives it the unique sound of the 2000XL, which you can hear especially in hi hats. it’s a nice, punchy raspiness. if you set a filters resonance of 1 on the 1000 / 2500, it comes close.

THe MPC 2000XL is a master of controlling External gear.
The MPC 2000XL from what we’ve tested is the most solid midi performer of the old MPCs, when controlling external hardware. It handled automating an Andromeda’s dual filters, and about a dozen other parameters without even missing a beat. recording in and playback.

MPC 2000XL has a proper midi multi mode where you can assign inputs, say 1A to go to 3B, 4B 5B, input 2A and 3A to go to 10B or whatever.
it can name in individual outputs as proper names. (IE 1A can be “VIRUS A” 2B can be “XBASE09” or whatever) and it’s remembered across projects.


Sweet Jesus!!!



Take all my money!




Tons of em!

Bid/Buy now!

Power of the internet!

:thinking: :rofl:


MPCstuff seems to still sell a bunch of parts and stuff for these too :diddly:


Thanks for that:

I trawl eBay weekly for a MPC 2000xl

I know what to look for, I owned 3 mpcs previously including a 2000xl.

I’ve never seen one in that condition. Looks fresh from the box.

When I score a mpc like that I will let you know :wink:


I got mine off Reverb.

Things to look for:

  • CF card mod
  • 8 ind. outs
  • max RAM


No need. But thanks.

Literally 2sec of searching


I saw that one.

Looks ok but concerned about the pad replacement and screen mod.

Thanks for sharing though