What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


Got some more modules for my Eurorack; Synthesis Technology E370 which is a total beast with 4 wavetable voices + Hertz Donut mk3, THE tz-fm and phase distortion module…
These are the pinnacle of sound for me, with all other oscillators there´s not much i can´t do.


Digitone. My basic hardware setup is complete.

And, which I am surprisingly jazzed about, the FieldScaper iOS app. This for me makes the iPhone the most creative sample mangler ever, like a Kyma in your pocket.




How what?


How could you replace that Push thing with the Faderport?

A genuine question… I sold off my Push a while ago and i’m also looking for an alternative… But the Faderport looks proper minimal in comparison. Does it just control 1 track at a time?

Had my eye on the Faderfox jobbie but it looks a bit ‘squashed’


You replied to yourself there dude!

Basically I was using the push 2 as a very expensive, albeit very nice, transport controller. I don’t finger drum and prefer a keyboard.
What I was missing, was faders. Mixing on the push encoders wasn’t doing it for me.

I went through a whole heap of different controller ideas (see here Push 2 alternative), and finally decided to give the faderport a go as I was getting fatigued with looking for the unicorn.

It’s been a few days and it’s impressed me enough so far. Build wise, it’s actually very nice and not plasticy, the fader motor is as close to silent as you’re going to get, and the MCU functionality is as you’d expect.

It does one track at a time, and it does look minimal, but each button appears to have a function (and obviously could be repurposed via midi mapping If needed)
It fits nicely between a OT Mk2 and a Rytm, and has a slanted design that helps with wrist support


I do it all the time… it runs in the family.

reckon ill pick up a launch control XL


Wow! Didnt know this even existed. Checks alot of boxes for live vox for sure :+1:

Let us know how you getting along with it


she’s awesome. and not to forget Paul Mc Cartney


Just got these two…

1987 MusicMan Sabre I got in a trade and a restored 1967 Hofner 500/1 that was a gift. The Hofner records so well…very happy :slight_smile:


Digitone. Thought of it as an upgrade from Volca FM, which is also a great device. I’ve been a happy user of AR MK2 for a year, and the idea of implementing the Elektron workflow to sequencing FM parameters made me pull the trigger. Super excited! There are many new songs to be discovered in this little box.


Just bought a Korg SQ-1. Hoping to have some fun with it and my M32/DFAM setup, just for a change in how I sequence things. :slight_smile:


I haven’t gone beyond the presets or used the software editor yet, but the amount of editing options looks pretty extensive, and the quality of the effects is on par with the other 500 pedals. And yes, it makes an excellent vox!


Was thinking of picking up a Minilogue XD for pad duties but reading the SOS review of the original Minilogue reminded me of how good the MS2000 was (the Jexus review helped as well). A quick scan of Gumtree revealed a MS2000B less than 10 minutes away for $400AUD which I duly picked up. Such an easy to use synth, with p-lock style sequencing of all parameters (including wavetables). Has a vocoder too.


Looks like a fun synth. Here’s another Aus perspective: https://tomellard.com/cave/ms2000br.html


Bought a TB-03 on 303 day, because I’m that sort of idiot. I intend to make electronic music with it.

Had my eye on one for ages, but the Elektron 3.03 playlist made me do it, officer. It was all fun and games (Beat Dis!) until Black Sea by Drexciya came on.

Also picked up a Focusrite OctoPre MKII last week. Pretty old model but new stock. Means I can increase the six analogue inputs on my Saffire interface to fourteen and bypass the mixer for now. (Longer term would like something like the Tascam Model 24 to record into and not use the computer at all until it’s time to mixdown.)


Tam Ellard’s reviews are always fun. Your post reminded me that Severed Heads are playing here-ish in a few months, will need to see if I can be fussed heading through to Edinburgh…


The last time they played here a year or so ago I had a ticket, but I ended up not going. The joys of being older and missing out… and being totally ok with that. :blush:




I just bought a GE portable cassette recorder and player from a thrift shop with some various weird looking tapes. It’s to go with my Digitakt that I bought a few weeks ago and I’m hoping to sample on to and off of some magnetic tape :slight_smile: