What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


I would like that track please :slight_smile:
so Pork Recordings style…I love it. you got a full version somewhere?


Not yet, I’ve the syndrome of unfinished artwork. I’ll try to focus next days :slight_smile:


:crossed_fingers: dig that track do far!


It was a demo of the Worng Electronics’ LRMSMSLR module which there is a DivKid video demo of which is just as well as I realise that my memory for the finer details of the patch are lacking… but the thing that caught my attention was the use of reverb on the side bands whilst the mid was clean.

Anyway, I’m still in that early impressions phase, which in this case is pretty inspiring. I can imagine that feeding it through Thyme is a very real and rewarding experience. I’m pretty excited about getting the basics of it down and then diving deep into feeding it through dub style effects as I reckon it will sound ace that way…


Ahhhh cool!!! Perhaps we should get an “Did Elektronauts become all Ayrshire” thread on the go… where abouts in Ayrshire are you from? There’s a bit of a difference between Kilbirnie and Patna… I’m in Troon tho I’m from Auchinleck originally. Home of the world’s best Red Kola…


I’d love to hear about your progress with this device, and how you like it.


Give me about a week :slight_smile:


Originally from Stevenson, home of being next to saltcoats. Still get back once a year. Red kola… my teeth hurt at the very mention.


Impulsively decided to get back into euro and bought all this in one day :woozy_face:


That’s where I’ll be going too, as usual.


Does the Octatrack support relative CC’s? That is, would you be able to set the Midi Fighter so that no ‘pickup mode’ is needed, but it rather just increments values?


Japanese lowden, early 80s


Just bought another Fender Custom Shop Tele. This one is a '59 Esquire.


This look sooooo gooood :heart_eyes:


Faderport v2 to replace push 2

2 x sides from futurebeat music to replace wooden sides that don’t allow decksavers

Mpc 500- as it was cheap and I’ve not used an mpc. Honestly have no real idea of what I intend to do with it.

Beringher passive monitor controller - so I have a physical volume control and not just the digital


Bought a denon cdj as I have quite a lot of old CDs I want to sample.


Just got a Novation Peak. It’s A-MAZING. I’m currently partnering it with my Deluge and Nord Drum 3p, while the Digitakt starts to gather dust. Also use it with my ultranova, but not being multi timbral, it needed a friend to play with.

'scuse me while I disappear to the studio for a day or ten…


I just got another SEM the old felt lonely


Hot damn.


Two scoops of double creaminess.