What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


I just ordered some PCBs from Portabellabz for doing some non-destructive modifications to my VCS3. My intention is to get the old dear ready for a VCS3+tape delay album I’ve been planning for years.


What’s the model number of that ?


A DSI Pro 2. Intention- modulation mayhem.


My latest acquisition is a bunch of refunded $$ on pre-order post-NAMM gear. My intention was to feel liberated and it worked.


no gear…just the rack the gear is on. cleaned up my mess of a desk BUT good!


It’s BK PR-28A


The obvious answer to this issue is a snapped or slipped string core. It’s happened to me a few times over the last few decades. Can happen the day you put a new string on, or months later.
Then there’s plain old string fatigue. They do stretch.
Also, might not be seated properly. Like, gunk or fluff jammed between the string and nut/saddle. Or the gap in the nut is too wide. Or the break angle at the nut is too straight.

I wouldn’t blame flats entirely. Some can be really dull. But they’re my favourite and EB cobalt flats are pretty damn bright and high output even on my Fender JB. I’ve used D’Ad chromes previously on JBs and PBs too, and they are just as bright as most rounds.



Cheers for your answer… makes loads of sense. That string always seems to slip on tuning too and the ‘fade out’ or decay of the string seems quick and wobbly! Hard to explain.

I’ll order a new string. Im a novice when it comes to bass guitar… didn’t even know there was different scale lengths. I best be careful when ordering eh

I love the flatwounds - feel so nice when you get used to them. I’m thinking of getting some for my acoustic… if you can get them.


Could you please elaborate on how you are using OP-Z live in terms of visuals? I’m super intrigued


How are you liking it? Can it do vibrato/lofi wobble?


I love flatwounds! I’ve got them on my tele, bass, and a little Japanese Gibson ES-130 jazz box copy. I use pure nickel on my strat. The nickel have a bit of the old school vibe, but are easier to bend.

Also, don’t be afraid to try a pick. Carol Kaye is one of the funkiest players to have ever rocked the instrument and she does it all with a pick. Definitely check her out.


MPC 500 - load the CF card full of MPC programs and use it as a mobile portable scratch pad
Roland TR-8S - record ind. instruments for DAW productions


Digitakt. I flipped an OP-Z to fund it and I’m not regretting it one bit. I was looking for something to compliment my eurorack jams. It fits the bill perfectly. Haven’t had a chance to check out the Overbridge beta yet. The multitracking will be a godsend.


Digitakt is perfect to sequence eurorack!


I do like to be beside the seaside!


I re:bought a Nintendo Switch :slight_smile: Getting back to Hyrule again, trying to get enough Spirit Orbs to pull the Master Sword :dagger:

But seriously latest music-wise it was Digitakt and Ableton 10. I had a show recently which really focused me into a specific direction, but I’m looking forward to starting from scratch again and building up a new set / show. I was really trying to force the DT previously into something it’s not (ie an OT), so looking forward to using it for its strengths. Midi control of Ableton instruments, little techy sample beats and control of visuals from the DT. Even if you keep things simple with one box and a laptop, everything can get so complex pretty quickly. I’m trying to find methods of performing that still give me enough complexitity and control, while keeping things very minimal and stripped back. I think the next thing I do is going to be more fundamental than anything I’ve done in the past, trying to limit the sound and vision palette rather than expand it. I’m hoping this creates a defined set of boundaries to explore subtle creative experiential shifts rather than highly bombastic or overt aesthetics.


Sounds intriguing; I have a Volca Modular sitting on my desktop a few centimetres away as I type, and have been running it exclusively through a Bastl Thyme for now. Future intentions are perhaps limitless, but may involve layered droning, shunting the output through many FX, seeing what happens with a CV input from other semi-modular devices and perhaps occasional bloops and wibbles. Maybe even blips and pings too; and who knows, some SoftPopping modulation if such a thing should ever come to pass.


I hail from sunny Ayrshire


Ordered a MIDI Fighter Twister for synth VSTs (Repro-5, ACE, Zebra 2)
and also to use in conjunction with my old 1st gen iConnect USB MIDI host for Octatrack MKII live control. (Levels, EQ, FX, sample launching)


My last purchase is a digitone, and intentions are to make groves like this:

And maybe micromonsta will be the next.