What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


“Pickup only.”


Sold my Minilogue (which I barely use) and bought Keystep + Micromonsta with the money so I get a more portable set; all modules fit in the same carry case, DT+DN+MM, yay!


Micromonsta is a lot of synth in a small box :thup:


Just “accidentally” bought a DFAM on ebay. I’ll use it for jamming in my little semimodular setup: Grandmother, 0-coast, DFAM (and Analog 4 for sequencing.), and I guess to provide samples for my DT to use in productions.


oops hate when I do that


bought 2nd (violet) E-Mu Command Station.
will be a spare unit for the 1st (yellow) Command Station.
(i also have bought a spare Xtreme Lead ROM earlier.)
it’s cool to have a backup brain!

this is the last piece of gear i bought for a while. summer’s coming, i need to invest in my bikes.


Lyra-8 and I intend to terrorize people with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


After picking up the TR-8S and enjoying it in conjunction with the Elektrons, I took it a step further and picked up an MX-1. I’m feeling a bit more Roland heavy than I have recently, but I really like their modern flow, so I guess that’s not a bad thing. We shall see how it goes when I get the mixer patched in tonight.


Nice! I love my bass, a G&L L2000. I was using a Phil Jones Double 4 bass amp, which is actually quite nice, BUT I ended up selling it and am now just playing through my UAD Arrow (which I like even better to be honest AND I’m more likely to record that way). If I were playing in a band it would be a different story…


An Analog Four! It should be here on Tuesday. The plan is to use track 4 for bass and tracks 1-3 as a 3-voice MPE synth. I’ve been using my Blofeld for those things, but I finally decided that its UI is too kludgy and I need more Elektron in my life. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The only problems I foresee are 1) space on my desk and 2) now I have a CV sequencer and it’s going to be hard to resist going down the modular rabbit hole…


I’m on the train home from Glasgow with a Volca Modular nestling in my rucksack. I intend to try and find a mid-side separating Reaktor block so I can try out the really cool trick Aleks from rubadub showed me with the fancy-dan eurorack in the shop.

I’ll report back in the appropriate thread!


Rytm Mk2. My intent is to see how far I can take it outside of traditional “drum” sounds and into new territory.


I may have to take my bass in to get checked out … The E string sounds dull compared to the others … and lacking a bit of sustain.
Its strung with flatwounds and I know these sound a little duller than rounds but I would’ve thought they would sound even tonally across the 4 strings. I mean it sounds ace fro the bass sound I’m going for but when you incorporate the other strings then it stands out.

Do you have any idea what that could be?


Kenton Pro CV to MIDI. I can finally use my A4 to sequence my Virus Snow (and various VST synths).


I ordered one of these, to arrive Monday.:


I intend to use it to probe the innards of my PPG Waveterm. It’s well past time to re-cap the power supply. Gotta watch out for those voltages inside the thing, what with that circa-1892 CRT screen - they can be lethal!


Heading doon the coast?


Went to my local guitar shop to buy strings…just moved to the area…
Deposit down on a k line truxton tele and a Japanese lowden nylon string acoustic. Guitar octatrack mind meld is my big plan for the year.


That’s a gorgeous tele. I love the color! Congrats!

Here’s my Fender Japan tele and my little collection of amps from the 1960s-70s. The last big purchase being the Kay, which has turned out to be one of the best amps I’ve ever played. I intend to record the amps this year for an EP.


Very nice. Dig the amp collection.


Two Toraiz AS-1’s. Together sort of a Prophet 2 with independent fx and outs. These plus a Digitakt and Digitone, a few Earthquaker pedals and a mixer will be my entire setup.