What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]


Got one of these:

(Liking it so far.)


i just got a KeyStep. i’m using it with Digitone, and it’s really nice to have a bigger keyboard for this synth. I felt like I was always playing the same things with DN’s keyboard arrangement.

I also just ordered a Xone:K2 and am hoping it’ll be easy to map with my db:4 in Serato DJ Pro.
(i’ve been doing a weekly DJ gig lately and I just want a bit more hands on in Serato.)


Waiting patiently for pulsar 23. And slowly paying off a collings 290.


TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2
Because i cant afford a second Big Sky…
I intend to eventually use it as a paper weight.


spent the last money on a spare ROM for my Command Station.
no money — no troubles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


no money -> no rent -> street life :grimacing: -> all KINDS of troubles


Picked up some ears to rack the mother 32.

Racked up and being sequenced by the OT, has breathed new life into her… Especially with midi retrigs!!!


Roland TB03 - intend to melt faces.


My last purchase was some patch cables (Korg SQ-cable-6) to patch my previous purchase, the Dreadox Nyx, with my next purchase, another semi-modular (probably Neutron).

I’m getting into semi-modular, and while the Nyx perhaps isn’t exactly the sound I’m looking for, I got it 2nd hand at a reasonable price, and it’s interesting to play around with. Might let it go when I get some other ones. Neutron, SV-1, Mother-32, DFAM are the ones I’m looking at.


Roland Tb-03 about 18 months ago. Haven’t incorporated it into my setup as yet.


Just bought another Fender Custom Shop Telecaster. Should arrive inn about a week or so.


Just got this… Fantastic!. Been listening to a lot of PiL and dub stuff just had to get a bass.

Ive got synthesisers coming out of my ears and to be honest im getting sick of them !

No bass amp yet… But the Deluxe sounds pretty fine for now…



Gonna put stickers all over it :smile:


Not a guitar player but I’ve always said that if I was I’d play a tele of some sort. I’m quite partial to the thinlines

They’re just so versatile. I’m a gigging drummer that’s played in a wide variety of styles and the tele really can do them all. Not aware of many other guitars that can make that claim.



Sometimes I wish I played right handed… Most times i’m glad I don’t - id be broke !!


Not my last but my next, I just have to find it (i’m hardly looking for it) : AR MKI, my aim is to finish my last gig and produce some recreativtechno.


An apartment to rent out.


Model:Samples… gonna stuff it full of 8-bit samples from my PPG.


Then you can sell it and the Waveterm and get 20 more Model:Samples! :slight_smile:


If I sold ‘em, I’d have to carry them up the stairs… ouch.