What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]

Yes that is most likely the case, if even with them. I doubt many can detect it.

just got a Sony DPS V77 - super weird mindblowing mid 90ies digitalfx -
intentions: mangling and meditating my synths through it


A new computer
It is inspired by 80’s micros and is programmable using BASIC (good for my basic brain!) it has some interesting features like 40 gpio pins, it can also do synthesis, wav playback, speech, probably midi too (I’ll make an interface for it) It is pretty fast, instant boot, no bloatware, has plenty of ram and SD card storage, so a nice little hobby computer. For about £80 not too bad at all.


Intention is to use it for some custom music related projects.


Poly Evolver Keyboard. I’v never tried a Hybrid Synth before so I thought I would give it a try. Really liking it so far.


Alesis Quadraverb GT. Found it on gumtree for an absolute steal. Bargain of the century. All my reverb quandries solved. Happy camper.


Don’t be tempted by the overdrive/distortion on it, bloody awful.
Also, make sure the plastic nuts holding the jack sockets on the back are nice and tight, they have a habit of working their way loose.
Them reverbs though…:drooling_face:


I had an OT MK1 for years, sold it about a year ago to fund Eurorack, but missed it since. Yesterday I got a good deal on a MK2. I took it home. Surprised how much I still know about the OT… MK2 is a bit different to the MK1 but I could manage it pretty quick…

Sorry, just wanted to share this happy moment :hugs:


Thanks for the tips!


Yamaha RS502 arrived. Intention is to remember how a guitar works… actually, first intention is to get a setup done as the intonation is way off (as you’d expect buying online).


Looks amazing. I’ve always wanted one, seems like the perfect cross of a SG and les paul

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Yeah, that’s a pretty good description, it’s got some heft to it and the finish and hardware seems really good for the price. Nice P90 tone and sustains very well.

jus’ arrived :partying_face:


I have got to stay out of the Deals thread. H6 landed yesterday and not sure what my intentions are yet.

It’s odd it doesn’t like 1/8th cable with a 1/8th to 1/4 adapter. Only the opposite. Tried different cables and adapters. Must be doing something wrong.


Aren’t those adapters usually TRS/Stereo? I bet that’s causing the problem.


They are and you are correct sir, thanks.


Just ordered a 1010 Blackbox. My intention is to use it as a mobile sketch pad; to tool around with POs, game boys, and monotrons on the go.

Honestly, I don’t know much about it. Hopefully we jive.


Such a great little box, responsive and easy to get started with!

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my girlfriend use to say : " all your gear is great , but that black thing makes terrible noise ! :face_with_head_bandage: "

so i sold it :stuck_out_tongue:

bought a couple of sound packs for Circuit Mono Station and Isotonik Circuit Pro editor for Circuit.
btw, the latter (standalone version) runs under WINE on Linux.

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I’m a fan of Yamaha guitars and basses, every one I’ve picked up has played great!

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