What's your latest purchase & what are your intentions with it? [pics ftw]

Nice! Aside from being stellar amps, they also have top notch aesthetic design.

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It’s changed my life. Seriously. Now I need all the Chase Bliss pedals…


Finally joined the Zoia club.

Intentions: Expand the palette of weird sounds I can make with the band. Discover happy accidents.


Agreed. I’m still getting used to it but my single coil guitars sound exceptional but taking a bit longer to get les paul happy.

nice! What brand and formulation is that 1/4" reel? What tapedeck are feeding with that?

I’m selling my wombtone…

Iiiiiiiiiinteresting. Wanna DM me some details?

That’s RMG SM911. I’ll be using it in an old Fostex A8 machine.

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Got myself a PO-33 after having offered one to a friend of mine…
So fun to play with, can’t wait to fill it with my own samples :slight_smile:

I intend to bring it with me on holidays and play with it every time I can :smile:


knew I’d eventually get one; was just waiting for a deal. they don’t go for low prices used generally…

super impressed so far! always loved the Monomachine’s FM machines and this is even better. using the OP1’s keys to play it for now… works quite well! :+1:


A custom 208 hp 6u eurorack setup full of modules purchased 2 weeks ago. My intention is to now sell it off in parts because I quickly realized I dont have the time to sit there and make droned out noises when I have a business to run. :roll_eyes: and also VCV Rack gets me to the same spot way cheaper. Glad I get business write-offs!


Dude yesterday I sat down with an old Sony handheld radio and an aux cord and filled my PO-33 with all new samples pulled from a bunch of stations. Hooked it into a Yamaha R100 at my desk, jammed for two hours, and actually tired myself out from headbanging so hard. Had to sit down on the couch and take a little nap. Got up and did it again when I woke up! I would really strongly advise that you buy something like the Sony SRF-M35 and just keep it and a small aux cord with your PO-33 pretty much at all times.


I already have more than I need :smiley:
But yes, thanks for the idea :wink:


My VFE Klein Bottle arrived sooner than expected. The pics here are better than any I can take:


Loved the teal kelp design but practicality won - went with the navy one so I can see what the heck each knob is used for.

Intentions: Put Zoia in Ch.1 , Cocolase in Ch. 2. Then I can set the Zoia stompswitches to “in patch” mode and use the Klein Bottle for bypass/engage instead, and also switch Cocolase in/out instead of twisting the knob on the ART SplitMix4. Also look forward to playing with the filter knobs and feedback loops


Updated with a couple of things . . .

Vermona DRM3 - Delicious Drums

PCM 81 - arrived today . . .

Looking forward to getting stuck into these in the coming days.


Just had a similar “a-ha” moment with a new mixer, SSLSiX.
I always record Bass guitar with a DI box plus miked, but the SSL mono DI (Line with Hi-Z) kills every DI box I’ve used. And there’s enough headroom to drive it with the Gain too.


wtf… didn’t know these things existed, I need to check this out right now; it’s comfortable to play (slap, plucking, with pick…)?

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What are you using for a usb host?

Thanks to @boboter & @dustmotes i have just ordered a Digitakt.

Listening/Watching their vids on Youtube has given me endless inspiration. I’ve felt encouraged to make an entire shift in my workflow & from the type of music i’ve traditionally made.

Much respect to you both. Thank you!


I’m using the iConnectivity iConnectMidi4+ as a host for the OP1. it routes midi from the Octatrack to both the OP1 and the Digitone. for the latter, it’s just clock; but the OP1 is receiving clock and note data (sometimes the OT sequences it, sometimes it’s just syncing a tape loop). it took a bit of messing about with the settings to get that going and have the ability to use the OP1 to play the Digitone, but it’s working great now.