What's up with Elektron?

… thanx for letting me know… :wink:

Getting rid of the consumerist dopamine shot is hard, right?* but I think it’s nice to see a company that doesn’t try to make their clients spend all their time and energy in an infinite number of teases and announcements.

(*no provocation here, I can say that to myself too. :slight_smile: )

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Next OT with advanced granular and wavetable synthesis options + audio-over-usb would be nice.
Elektron, stop foolin around! Make the move bc if you won’t others will!

Didn’t Jeremy Blake ( red means recording) tweet about a new elektron box they were showing behind closed doors at NAMM.

Saying verbatim “Monomachine lovers will be very happy, or they won’t. I don’t know people”


Yes but he mentioned Monomachine ´cause another guy was asking for it, can be lots of things.

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Or maybe Jeremy was just sarcastic and was refering to that post on elektronauts before Model:Samples was announced haha ( “Octatrack users will be happy” )


I got one for the next rumor : “music product consumers will be very happy” :nerd_face:

everyone’s busy working on the battery handle


Hah either that or maybe they’ll add WiFi to all their boxes caus having to look at my laptop screen to distract myself from making music is a real bummer an killing my workflow…

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More gear never equals better music, every Elektron machine is one complete instrument, two of them is enough!
first generation machine (drum + mono) give a two box as whole set solution, if plus some out side sound module, I don’t need any other thing to made complete electronic music, that model was elektron conception of gear.
if you understand elektron machine clearly, all follow-up products kept that model:
A4 + AR analog machine
Digitakt + Digitone digital machine (digitake wasn’t cheap version of octa,it is just one sample based drum machine you can do more than just drum,just like all elektron machine was the multi faced device)
One drum machine and one multiple track synth box, first generation concepts retain.
Only one amazing game changer gear is octatrack, it is one of one kind thing you could add to any generation of elektron machine or use it all alone. Personally I disagree the concept of dark trinity, they just have same black face, the inside structure of data totally different. My understanding of octa with other elektron products is octa plus,
Octa + analog
Octa + digi
Octa + drum & mono( if somebody still use them)


And I forgot to say my understanding of the keyboard version of 3 generation of synthesis box, no matter limited 500 units monomachine or not limited ak & digitone key, they are all collector’s item, alternative gears, they’re not performance keys as usual, the central strength and keystone of elektron machines is sequencer, programming music
the best performance synth is minmoog、pro 5、Jupiter8、Nordlead and new moog one and any other with the same concept, the keyboard version of elektron product is the machine plus some keyboard make programming music more easy

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Well said, this resonates with how I approach my elektrons.

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I guess I done goofed with MD+OT+A4 :sob:

Joking aside, I agree. Each generation has a pair of machines that complement each other.


Which brings us back to speculating that the next box may well be a synth in the Model:X department.

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Really curious to see how they’d pull of some form of synthesis in the model:x form factor. The 15 knobs really only go so far. It works for samples but itd be much more limiting on synthesis.

If they do make a models:synths my money is on them using the “machine” concept to get more mileage out of the 15 knobs.

I am also very curious.
It would require some thoughtful design, but that’s what Elektron does.

Knob per function synths I really like that have less than 15 knobs:
Mother 32
MeeBlip Geode
Volca Bass

And those are all monotimbral. I would expect Elektron’s take, for the price point and form factor, to have at least 4 parts. Perhaps more simplified VA synthesis but with a little something extra, Yamaha AN200 style.

But really further discussion on this topic offshoot should happen at:
What’s next for Elektron?


The idea of having specific “machines” like in the AR is a great idea but not a new one. If you think about VST synths that have macro controls for the presets it can work very well. A small number of controls that affect multiple parameters “under the hood” can make for a wide range of timbres but still very playable and tweakable. I’d rather have this and be be able to jam and have fun than have 100s of parameters but have to page through menus etc. I don’t want to spend hours designing one sound, I just want to have ease of use and to have fun with it! If you want surgical sound design precision for producing tracks, you might as well use a DAW and modern plugins. This is the antithesis of enjoyment for me now, and I suspect why may of us turn away from the computer eventually (at least some of the time).

It’s worrying, like watching your mum walking around in her bathrob and hair curlers at 4pm on a Tuesday afternoon. It’s sometimes important to keep up appearances and important to check-in on people from time-to-time.

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Don’t see the sale now, maybe they were listening?

It’s on the elektronauts home page, which is getting confused with elektron.se