What's the Difference Between the Pitching of the Digitakt and the Model Samples?

are they the same?

Neither do timestretching, so pitching up/down is achieved with faster/slower sample playback on both devices. DT and M:S are the same in that regard.

Both only do ± 2 octaves too.

thought I read somewhere here that the digitakt had a finer resolution tuning than the model samples?..

Yes, the Digitakt can finetune in cents. The M:S can only pitch in semitones. You can use a lfo and assign finetune to it but it’s only a workaround as you lose the lfo when you want to finetune a sample on the M:S.

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I thought that the M:S was crunchier, like an old school sampler pitched sound, and the DT was a little more refined in that area, but I could be wrong.

I think the sample engines are the exact same, it’s just features that are different.

ok this is what I was trying to confirm thanks, I wonder if Elektron will refine this in the near future.