What's next for Elektron?


I get the feeling it’ll be more small analog devices that can be controlled via Overbridge. They’ve spent a lot of time and effort developing the technology behind it so I expect to see more.

I’d like to see a successor to the Monomachine; a very modern and versatile synth with an Elektron sequencer and CV ins. Not holding my breath though.


Forgot to mention currency, I was talking about Euros :slight_smile:

We are pretty close, $1.850 would be like €2.000-2.100 with VAT.

Also, the AK may cost $1.400 now but wasn’t it like $1.600 when it was first released?


That’s my recollection too starmanwarz, i think the price came down marginally from the amount i paid originally. Like 1540 USD ??? Not sure.


…elektron registered “digitone” trademark last november…


Elektron at NAMM 2018

Great detective work there!


You’re a good cop, maybe even the best. but you’re a loose cannon. I’m gonna have to ask for your gun and your badge detective


I will still have trouble in 2018 with them … can’t wait to see what it has to offer :slight_smile:
Namm 25/28 January mmm will soon know what’s happening there


Link seems to be broken now



Sweet. Good work. Commencing wild speculation mode…


Ok, Digitone will be the digitakt synth sibling, great news so far!


More input for your Octatrack :smiley:


and the winner is @sazi for his April January '17 submission :dizzy_face:


And for the prize, a holiday to Sweden where you will have a candlelit dinner for 2 with cenk himself! Congratulations!


That sounds like a prize for me instead :loopy:


What a gent. You’re a lucky man @sazi


but will we have a Digitone Keys and AK II double release? :wink:


I´ll have to share the credit with @Jensu who posted this image. :slight_smile:


So, a rumored trademark of a name based on a 100 year old Danish etiquette book apparently relates the DT to the possible new but still imaginary :elmm: thingy. :thinking:
It must be true!


Definitely not interested in any more monophonic things.