What's next for Elektron?


It’s gotta be a digital synth… MonoMachine mk3… Fingers crossed…


It’s going to be something completely new(in terms of digital synthesis). I can’t wait to see what they do- I’m so impressed by the Digitakt that I think that the TBA And Digitakt should be an entirely sufficient hardware setup when paired.

Any percussive sounds that can be generated from the TBA can immediately be moved over to the Digitakt, thus pretty much fulfilling everyone’s desire for a drum synth in the machine. The missing midi retrigs in the Digitakt(I miss them) can be satisfied by the TBAs midi arp. You can use the sequencer keyboard to program the alt machine. It’s undoubtedly going to be a brilliant combination.


Just curious, why is everyone convinced there’ll be something new? Did I miss a teaser? Since the MK2 analogs just dropped I’d imagine they’ll just be showing those off at namm no?


I guess they will continue the small format boxes but with different DNA. I now realizing the importance of small boxes like the Digitakt and I wish I would have pulled the trigger on this one after flying to Amsterdam. The OT is quite big in comparison and I also took the MiniTaur with me.
The smallform-factor is awesome, they should keep going on it!
Just imagine a small groovebox with following features:

4 part sample-engine
1 part analog voice
3 part digital or VA or however you want to call it with different synthesis-algorithm (FM, AM, grains, etc.)
On top a nice fx-engine (chorus, delay, reverb)
1 distortion-circuit
1 master-compressor unit

Just one idea


I had a dream last night that the announced something with the worst name ever - The Digiboompop haha. Hell knows what goes on in my head for that name. Anyway it was the 8 voice/tracks synth in Digitakt form I’ve been wanting. I think the “boom” represented the Machinedrum with “pop” being the Monomachine engines.

Name aside it basically caused the forum to hit meltdown and everyone pretty much pissed their pants with excitement.


Is it even realistic that almighty :3lektron: already created a new machine? I mean they had a pretty hard year, with three mk2 products plus the Digitakt! I actually guess that they will most likely show the new Overbridge, and the current lineup. But I think it’s a little unrealistic to expect a complete new machine. Maybe they will announce that they work on „something“, but I don’t expect a prototype in a glassbox.
Besides that I’m pretty sure if there is something new coming, it won’t be something that includes a A4 a little bit of OT, and a RYTM for a quarter of the price, and in the size of a Digitakt :wink:

Since the current lineup has already two Samplers, a analog drum machine and a analog synth, it would make sense if the next product would be something that is not another sampler, a analog synth or drummachine or any mix of those things. IMHO it will be digital and most likely (in order to complete the the lineup) a synth that enables sounds we can’t make with the A4. FM, Wavetable maybe even some LA synthesis or new way of additive synthesis… Like a new and better monomachine or a pure FM synth with sequencer.


That’s not quite as bad as, say, Synthy McSynthface.


What’s next? Hopefully they take a cue from other companies and step up their touch screen game. Tactile is great, but it’s the future, right now.

Also, please, allow us to lock the pattern select pages. Having to race against the clock to select a pattern messes up my flow. Just keep the patterns on/accessible. The less finger combinations, the better.


It’s going to be a letter of resignation. There’s been such public outcry over their handling of the mk2 releases and Overbridge that they are going to step aside and let Behringer take over as head of the party.


It seems that they are selling their new stuff like hell, independent of outcries.


Oh God, no. I hate touch screens with a passion. MAY PHYSICAL BUTTONS AND KNOBS NEVER DIE. DOWN WITH THE TOUCH STUFF! :blush:


Hopefully not. Up on stage, dancing around and sweating I’d prefer a physical knob, trig key, switch, etc.

If I wanted a touch screen, I’d use my iPhone/iPad. I usually don’t, and THAT’S THE REASON WHY I buy Elektron gear, but sometimes I do. Teenage Engineering seems to be coming up with the most elegant solution I’ve seen so far, with the OP-Z.


LOL! Jus’ sayin :slight_smile:


“this time the machine is so small we guarantee it will upset you.”

LOL, that OP-Z is looking super interesting but the lack of a Mac app (or better, VST plug in) limits its appeal to me. :frowning:


They’ve been hinting at it on the forum :elmm:


You. Take. That. BACK! I LOVE Synthy McSynthface(where did it come from?)



Thanks! I actually, now, remember hearing about that. :smiley:


Triggy Trigface confirmed


I wouldn’t say everyone is convinced, but:

-In a early video about DT they said something along the lines of “more products will be released than you can imagine”…
-In a recent Daniel Troburg Interview he mentions a wider product assortment is in the plans…
-Datalines been dropping :elmm: all over the forum
-an Elektron employee posted “tinker tinker” on the naam 2018 thread
-Ryan posted “how much you wanna bet” about there being a new product and Dataline liked it