What's next for Elektron?


Something new and unexpected would be cool, and we’ve been getting :elmm: teased…

But on a fantasy side note along the lines of how people dream up box combos, I would go nuts for an Analog series meets OT in one box.
Mostly AR but with an A4 voice or two, a box full of analog, but with OT’s track recorders and recorder trigs and might as well throw in the crossfader. Complete midi section too.

Having the recorder tracks always available as another section like the OT, but all ready to just go nuts with automated sampling and resampling all the magic of the analog circuits on every track…
To go over the top throw in some digital voice engines as well…
I just wrote on another thread that I don’t get GAS, this would give me GAS!


Something like that is what I’d hope to see in Elektrons version of the RMX1.


Basically something with multiple tracks, audio/midi. Something like flex recorders, OT Scenes (incorporating midi too), FX and various configurations, plus the sequencer.
Analogue eq, filters, heat, whatever on the delay verb etc.
New MKII form factor
GAS would be explosive, and probably expensive

Srsly, Elektron have all the components to make the DAW box that no one else has seemed to unveil.


Sadly i think we will see no new hardware at NAMM2018 instead its going to be software Overbridge 2
Can i place a bet somewhere with a bookie that Elektron will not have any new hardware at NAMM2018

Elektron at NAMM 2018

Anyone here work for a bookie? I wanna place a bet!


Whatever it is (my hope+ bet is on a Monomachine successor)… a few thoughts for the record on improving the general sequencer functions…

-Something with a song section that actually records patterns, mutes, scenes, knob tweaks etc on the fly in realtime with the ability to overdub/delete/edit.

-Other sequencer advancements like random steps, reverse & ping pong modes, auto generating euclidian sequencing etc, as well as independent track speed scaling a la Octatrack.

-Ability to p-lock/lfo/scene random assignable % to micro timing as well as arpeggiator timing (plus arp swing).

On top of those far flung wishes, why not delve into more advanced inter-track interaction along the lines of the Machinedrum LFO’s, or Monomachine audio busses?

And a cheeky last couple:

  • add Generic USB Midi Host functionality so its super easy to plug in a modern controller for working around the interface limitations of devices this size.

-use trig buttons with built in mini screens, so its super easy to see what kind of info is on each trig. There’s a cat for the pigeons.

Not sure if that list is exactly ‘what’s next’… but hopefully some of it is ‘what’s possible one day soonish’


I’m hoping they add the option to edit trigs, patterns, chains, and songs from overbridge. It’s unlikely they’ll do this since you can already write midi in the DAW and “p-lock” it by automating the plugin. For me, though, it would be nice to have complete coherence between the computer and the machines.


How much do you want to bet?

Elektron at NAMM 2018

You’ll need someone to hold the money.

What counts as new hardware. We’ll need to lay down some rules. Overhub MkII? Something in a glass box?

It seems kinda unfair Ryan if you have Dataline liking you!!!


new hardware means exactly this —a new machine unveiled on or before NAMM 2018 Janurary (not in glass box) that costs greater than USD$399
If somebody wants to hold mine & Ryans money its all on!


Backtracking. Digitakt was unveiled in a glass box, that was undoubtedly a new product announcement


man, a performance capture mode instead of the traditional song mode would be my dream come true


Digitakt was unveiled in a glass box NAMM 2017 but Cenk pulled it out and explained in depth all about the machine
my definition of glass box is we are left guessing what the machine is


You mean like the Rytm?


I think they’re going to release something… Or preview/unveil, or whatever… :cowboy_hat_face:


Digital drum synth in Digitakt chassis I reckon



Ah! I feel ya


I thought about posting the same question the other day.
Now I’m just watching it unfold.
Definitely something new on the horizon, I can feel it.


Me too! There’s definitely an Elekt(ron)icity in the air :smiley: