What's next for Elektron?


How about a midi controller – with audio interface (like the NI Maschine MkIII), and a built in USB hub, that would front end to the new USB High-Speed Overbridge Stand Alone? (You supply the $400 PC.) The controller would have some mixer like interface functions, so you could run two voices from your A4 by your Digitakt, and mix a signal to the Heat – or switch that all up, etc. Or change the mixes on the fly, maybe even from a sequencer like on the Roland MX-1. So this box would have a USB-3 connection to your Overbridge host PC and a bunch of USB-2 High-Speed ports to all your Elektron gear. The audio interfaces (both in and out) would allow you to connect other (non-Elektron) stuff. Beyond mixer functions the UI would be a general purpose interface to Overbridge functions, like LFOs, filters etc.

Not sure whether it would have a display onboard, like the NI Maschine MkIII or Ableton Push 2, or if it relies on the display in you PC.

Seems like Elektron could price this in the price range of the NI Maschine MkIII or Ableton Push 2. Not sure if it’s PC, or Mac based or both.


YES. I prefer it over 16 [trig] keys in a row.


So much less midjam calculation necessary!


omg it took me 3 tries to read “midjam”

i swear sometimes i think my head is just a hat rack. i blame pink floyd.


My words are a 1x16 sequencer I guess :confused:


The Roland MX-1 mixer and the Cirklon sequencer, if Elektron combine these two in ideas and features plus Overbridge in the A4/AR mk2 form factor.


The Elektron sequencer combined with something like the MX-1 would be nice too


I just watched the Roger Limb demo on the EMS Synthi 100:

And looking at the specs of the Synthi 100:

The basic specs of the Synthi 100:

  • 12 oscillators
  • 8 filters
  • 3 ring modulators
  • 8 output channels
  • 8 input amp’s
  • 2 X-Y joystick controllers

How awesome would it be if the Analog Four doesn’t had a fixed signal path. So we have a new Elektron analog machine with a modular approach with a digital mind. Overbridge also gets very interesting for this.

Based on the A4 analog hardware specs:

  • 8 oscillators
  • 4 lp filters
  • 4 multi-mode filters
  • 4 overdrive circuit
  • digital LFO & Env.
  • Elektron sequencing / parameter locks.
    Add on:
  • digital pin matrix.


I was about to mention the exact same idea for a product (though not nearly as specific. I have no idea what screen color I would choose for instance haha)


How awesome would it be if the Analog Four doesn’t had a fixed signal path

My thought since I had the analog four (which I really enjoy) has always been “how awesome would it be if the analog four was a digital eight !”. Something with elektron sequencing but the sonic capabilities of a blofeld or a virus (eg. osc xmod, fm, modulation matrix, etc)


reading through the most latest interview with Chris Hülsbeck

Were you familiar with Elektron before you won the Digitakt?
Yeah, I am familiar with your history, particularly the Sidstation. I wanted one of those, but now it’s too late, right?

Yeah, the SID chips were all used up.
I heard someone is trying to recreate that chip now, on an FPGA (where you can actually program the structure of the chip, on the chip). Essentially, it becomes an emulation of actual hardware, in the hardware. I hope they make it!



Sid emulations have been around for ages, and are all over the place.
Even the monomachine has one


Hello again all:

I’m new to the “Elektron” family. I currently use the DT as a standalone production piece, and have been using the Akai MPC60 mk1, S950, along with the inimitable Emu SP-1200. I still can’t quite figure out how to get the DT to control the SP-1200 via MIDI. I must be missing something. Maybe my other thread explains that situation better.

SP1200 + Digitakt MIDI


As much as I absolutely love my digitakt… it’s rather disappointing that there is currently (and still) no feature to save or back-up the +drive. Overbridge is slated for February release, but we’ve been promised that last year to our dismay… nothing! It would’ve been nice for Elektron to at least offer a simpler DT software feature in Transfer to allow +drive back-up. If there is, I apologize for missing that one.

Digitakt MK2 feature request:

  1. micro SD card reader to save and load sounds and back-up projects — my son’s 30.00 sandisk mp3 player has one… should be a 3-5.00 add-on feature in manufacturing. Implement some code to the OS and voila… problem solved!

  2. 8-dedicated outputs via 1/4" phono jacks… hello… this would be huge for the DT, making it the ultra compact beat making powerhouse that it is… take it to the studio and track music properly to outboard mix console. This may make the machine slightly larger in size, but perhaps the geniuses at Elektron can figure this out. I know there is the OT and the Analog RYTM… but these are not quite the same.

  3. Velocity sensitive drum triggers… similar to the LINN DRUM or SP-1200… love the drum triggers on the DT… a soft rubber latex surface (finish) may be interesting. If not, how about an accessory that lets you control the DT easily with a portable set of 16 pads… again, maybe I’m missing this feature from using the Akai MPD16 via MIDI (I own this old set… yes it’s a life saver on your fingers).

  4. A dedicated SONG mode pad. Patterns = Songs = Projects. This is a no brainer… let’s steal some functionality from the OT on this one. Or offer a [FUNCTION] possibility.

Please feel free to add-on… maybe Elektron will help us out with the +drive storage and back-up before with Overbridge actually releasing when it was scheduled to.

Thanks for your time!

— DRUMAT!C / KicDrum Products, LLC


Something I really miss on hardware synthesizer are custom multi part envelopes. It should be optional, in order to be able to use the a,d,s and r fader while playing a sequence. But the possibility of creating a multi stage envelope and routing it to filter, amp pitch etc allows some really complex sounds, gate effects, awesome drones… The possibilitys are immense! Especially if you allow it to be a modulation source/ destination.
Of course there should be a option to loop those envelopes , like on the A4 with locks/retriggers.

I know it’s easy to implement something like this on a pc, because you can use the mouse to create those complex envelopes, but there are ways to make it possible without a mouse. (Waldorfs Nexus for iPad is a good example).

Another wish of mine, would be: Delay for the LFOs and a Fade in/out function. Good example for this would be the Waldorf Blofeld.


+1 for a dedicated hardware MIDI sequencer with 2-3 MIDI outputs, plenty of knobs and buttons, LFOs and envelopes for MIDI CCs, conditional trigs, OLED screen, costing no more than €600.


call it the MIDITakt if you like :smile:


“takt” means rhythm- so, that’s ruled out


Imagine if Elektron did a collaboration with Waldorf for a new synth, with Elektron designing the hardware and software UI and the sequencer, and Waldorf providing oscillators, wavetable synthesis and filters :open_mouth:


Omg, that would be so awesome! They both have their strengths, combined they could create the best synth ever existed!


Blofeld-like synth engine, elektron sequencer and fx… Where do I sign ?