What's next for Elektron?


Edit: Maybe they’ll do a whole new synth next now that a AKii seems eminent, just to throw people off a little.


If Elektron was founded in 2006 how did they make the SidStation in 1999? Ah a time machine – that’s their next product!
ADDED: Oh i get it LyingDalai – you’re making a joke. :rofl:


No, the company we know would have been founded in 2006, doesn’t mean a previous company with a different status wasn’t existing before.
I just wanted to have some ideas about the size of the company, that’s all.



Wow. Their next product could be a table or bookshelf I guess?
Must be the previous company that made music machines


OK I get it Elektron is a furniture making company founded in 2006 – i think findthecompany . com is laughable.
Elektron was founded in 1998 and is privately held so their revenue and profits is probably not publicly known. For sure it has more than 20 employees – we could name 20 employees that we’ve seen in youtube vids, not counting engineering, management, manufacturing, and all the support staff, plus all the staff in three countries.


Don’t ruin it, just let me think they’re Elves… :slight_smile:


thx Mike. was a nice read for the evening! :slight_smile:


i love how people over here instantly start to hyperventilate over statements like these from elektron, which could easily be from any other company selling anything from car parts to kitchen utilities at any point in time and it would always be true.


but, you know, a car doesnt have trig conditions and stuff … :stuck_out_tongue:


I was just passing info as it seemed “better accessibility” in relationship to reading the rest of the article seemed to imply more DT style boxes, which Ryan hinted at…
And I thought some folks might want to read the article…

Those were my intentions, what others might make of it I don’t know…


thanks for this, enjoyable read.


I don’t even know what your talking about…
Who’s hyperventilating?
Anti-fanboy is actually a form of fanboy, someone non attached to the company wouldn’t care…
Don’t make me say fanboy again… :joy:


keep it coming it’s getting better and better.


Touché! :kissing_heart:


Shame on me.



What a bunch of nonsense to read through the past few days.


Did someone alredy mention the audio/video back psu 3b??? Just notice it


Nice find!
If elektron made some cool video thing I’d be all over it


8 tracks- 4 synth/4 video synth.

And NO! I DONT know how video synthesis works! :smiley: