What's next for Elektron?


foot pedal next of course


Seems like Overbridge should be next for Elektron


I’m doing my best to hold out for ^this.


You are right!
There should be a brake! No new gear!
I guess we will see new equipment at NAMM 2018 in summer. Elektron is busy with the MKII’s - think about parallel os development for all this machines.


I donˋt think there will a Digitakt Mk2 I near future. The DT has already the “new” Back lid Buttons, a decent screen and the new encoders (not sure about that) i don’t own one. Part of the Mk 2 updates for OT/A4/AR mk2 was exactly those elements. (And a few new Buttons).
But it is possible that the next machine will have the same Format as the Digitakt/Heat.

I would love to see a new (digital) Synth. And if read the posts in this thread, it looks like that ì`m not the only one with this wish.
Maybe a new “Monomachine”, with more DSP power, and some features like Wavetable, complex FM, or some Typ of LA synthesis.
Elektron always have some innovative features.

But most important is that they update the Software of the current machines to fix some of the new bugs.

I don’t expect any announcement before the next NAMM or Superbooth.


Just buy a JU-06 and control it via Octatrack. I hope Elektron will never go the way of rebuilding vintage stuff, there are enough other company’s who already do this.


My prediction: Analog Keys mkII with 6 voices (to compete with DSI) and a 2500$ pricetag (to compete with DSI). As a bonus they will generously throw in midi sequencing (read: activate it from the firmware for this machine where it sits since the beginning of the A4).


I think elektron has never been about replicating old equipment. And there’s no reason why they should do that in the future either.


I said Digitakt a lot but did not mention thinking there would be a mkII of it. I was talking about there being another machine that is in the same size.

A digital synth or digital effects box makes the most sense to me from Elektron. Digital is on the return and there is a lot to be done in the realm of digital synthesis.


Im really sorry it was a misunderstanding.


Some competition would be amazing. Not saying that Elektron are becoming complacent, but I don’t see a lot of pressure from competitors that is fit to push them even further than they’ve already come. To foster some more innovation such competition would be helpful, but as it is I consider their package of Sequencer / sound module pretty unique.


There is already competition out there. Roland, Korg, Akai and all others are doing very well! Think outside of :3lektron: .
Theire concept of making music is quite different from Elektron, more the direct access to gear.


I don‘t think so. What other „groove boxes“ for lack of a better term with such a deep sequencer that can hold a candle to Elektron‘s are on the market and have gained significant traction? Elektribe? Toraiz? Circuit? Any other four voice polies with plocks and instant sound switching that I‘ve missed? Where‘s the Octatrack contender? Even to Digitakt which is a fairly pedestrian device I see few alternatives. So I stand by what I said, Elektron have found and occupy a nice niche of the market in which they don‘t have serious competition.


a fairly pedestrian device

Well put sir! :penguin:


One of these days so much gear will be around that simpler boxes will step up their game. The day that we see serious competition we will get the OT 2 that we really want. The DT can be seen as a bit vanilla compared to OT but it does outshine what its supposed to do, its pretty extensive for a drum sampler. id call everything else you can do with it a bonus. Its elektrons version of a basic sampler, I think of it as more of a luxury akai mpx16 than an OT contender, sure its the price of a low end MPC hence you get more features but its still not meant to be an MPC


Our most urgent need is, obviously, an analog bread toaster.


I didn‘t mean to say that I find the DT disappointing. I agree that it excels at what it‘s meant to do and in some respects goes way beyond. But unlike it‘s predecessors it has less potential to be twisted and abused in ways the developers never imagined in the years to come. DT gives me what I wanted from Volca Sample and OP1, instant fun, crispy sound and the ability to bang out and jam with a-dime-a-dozen patterns between going to bed and falling asleep. On the other hand I don‘t think OT will ever be fully charted and in that sense it‘s unique.


Kind of off the wall, but I think if hey made a MIDI controller similar to the Keystep with their sequencer, they’d sell like hot cakes.


I’ve been anticipating coffee maker->toaster sync breakfastbridge technology since ages ago, still waiting… :smile:


Sid station mkII anyone ?
Extra buttons , leds , volume , oled screen.

2x Sid chips plus analog fx ?

Not real.