What's next for Elektron?

Did you buy another Octatrack? :grin:


Power Handle: OUT
Power Hat: IN


I want to believe…

another price reduction on the models in Thomann.
samples was €350 last week. I think cycles was a bit higher, iirc. now both €333.

models mk2 / e25 incoming? :face_with_monocle:🥸

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Would be nice but i doubt

The prices of the model series was reduced last year too.

i think machines on the digitone is a real error, it will segment the sound design process an therefore render soundlocks less accessible. i surely think it’s a big design mistake and hope elektron will not listen to you


Instead of machines on Digitone, I’d like to see FX added from the Heat+FX.

It would work like OT where you decide which effects to load into the 3 fx slots.

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Imagine the current state as the “first machine”.
A “second machine” could be “Phase distortion synthesis”.
Then maybe “Physical modeling synthesis” as a “third machine”.
…Or Elektron releases these types of synthesis as individual devices.

The new machines did not reduce the original condition of the Digitakt.
New machines may simply mean: new possibilities.
And not that specific aspects of old possibilities become more easily accessible - and others not.


I want machines for the Digitone, yes.


Digitone can cover most sounds so I really don’t see why it needs extra synthesis types.

Virtual Analog, Wavetable, Physical Modeling type sounds can all be achieved with it now.

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so FM is not sufficient into one box for you ?
ok i’d like to create my own algos and more than 4 operators if you want.
and fx track to param lock fx like on the syntakt would be awesome
but from a design perspective no i think the digitone is a full fledge fm synthesizer an thus does not need machines ( macros ? )
i don’t think the cpu could handle different types of synthesis you mentionned above


at one time it also had already

  • one filter
  • one LFO
  • one LED setting

Then it got

  • a second filter
  • a second LFO
  • three LED settings

this is not a math equation where there is one and only one solution, I would say. So redundancy is allowed.

Midi control of fill button on ARmkii. One can only dream. :laughing:

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Parameter locks that can send midi 🥹🥹🥹

What is missing for me on the Digitone is to make sounds that are actually crisp and bright, like FM on analog synths (DFAM or modules like Three Body). It could be simpler, like less Operators, maybe with a Wavefolder. Which brings me to VA Complex Oscillator …


Perhaps audio rate modulation from the LFO could lead you to that direction. Not sure. @Ess would know.

Edit: just tried this and it produces some nice sounds. LFO set to 2K in free mode, speed all the way up, depth to whatever suits your taste. And don’t forget to play with harmonics

Basically copied how I do FM in modular and applied it to Digitone.

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I don’t mean to be pedantic or detract from your main point, but Three Body is digital.

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And you can set the second LFO to control the depth like an envelope with ONE mode.

Syntakt is almost a hybrid synth, but Elektron still needs to release a synth with digital oscillators and analog filters. Digitone oscillators with dual analog filters (like the A4) would be a good combination. There should be the ability to modulate the filters with oscillators as well. Also, it should have the ability to change the FM oscillators to wavetable or VA.