What's next for Elektron?

including circuit bend voice transformer :slight_smile:

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Classic machinedrum vsti

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the only new product that makes any sense for Elektron at this point in time:
an eight-voice dynamically-allocated rompler (mono/polyphonic) with analog distortion and filter.


I probably shouldn’t say how long I spent mocking this up… but consider it wishful thinking:

(man that sequencer was a pain to fit into that space… massive respect to panel designers!)


With so much sonic territory already covered by existing machines, there are only two things I could think of that could tickle my fancy at this point: a polyphonic sampler with analog filters and a high quality bit crushing algorithm and a completely redesigned sequencer.

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Are you typing in your accent? I did not know that was a thing and I love it :laughing:

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yea i do, I guess. forcive habit :smile:

forcive? is that a word? I thought it was but predictive text is like “wha?”

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I would be very surprised if they went Euro. More Euro integration maybe, but full on xU compatible…I don’t see that happening.

I think the two things in which they’re “falling behind” (using it liberally) is granular and sequencing.

Granular needs no explanation.

Now don’t get me wrong their sequencing within stand alone hardware is bar none. Absolutely singular. But even with conditional trigs and polymetrics it’s still a fixed grid. I would like to see more Euro like freedom implemented.

Oh and they need a proper looper.

I love eurorack, own too much of it, and work at a synth shop that sells mostly eurorack. I would love to see this, just not yet. I NEED MORE BOXES! Anyway, they probably are gonna do another Model: Samples style machine next, that is my guess at least.

well yeah, kind of. but imagine it with premium effects. and maybe multiple engines and multiple ins/out

I was referring to Octatrack, which be can a powerful fx sequencer. :wink:

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I know. so am I. :wink:
thats why I say, imagine something in the line of it, but with dedicated premium effects

Oh yeah, same. My mockup was more of an alternate universe scenario :smiley: and really, straight ports of stuff that is already in Elektron machines doesn’t seem like something they’d do anyway, but it was a fun exercise.

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Pretty sure they have listened to all complaints about OT being so difficult and replace Octatrack with Octabeat, perfect for all upcoming techno DJs:



Would buy

These modules look very convincing. Good job!

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lol. that’s class! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think the two pages are a little bit irritating. More than 16 steps per pattern is hard to grasp!