What's next for Elektron?

It’s basically an article outlining the speculation that is going on. The image they use doesn’t even match what they are saying. They say in the article “its definitely a digitakt size box” but they use an image of a mock up that’s a full size elektron box.

Edit: made what I was saying clearer


That photo doesn’t look like something Elektron would release.
They have way more design savy.
Those buttons on the right? No no no
The jacks on the back? What are we going back in time with a future color scheme?

Pretty sure someone on this forum made that pic. Seen it awhile ago!


its definitely a digitakt size box

What? Where was this announcement?

Gearnews.de only copied the speculations from the „elektron at namm“ thread. The picture is a mock up from a fellow elektronaut.

As far i know, there are only speculations based on wishes, Cenk comments(and posts he liked) and the fact that they saved the name „Digitone“ (that doesn’t mean anything, concerns usually change the name of projects/the End product several times. It’s possible that the Digitakt was planed to be named digitone.

It’s clickbait and online journalism, only to generate more user-views…

Will electron announce a digital synth this NAMM? Nobody knows, i personally believe they will, but if they don’t? This year the made three MKII models, Digitakt, Heat(was it this year?) and the work still on Overbridge and the DT bugs! They not like apple, elektron is a relatively small company. Synthesizer are a niche thing…

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Thats exactly what I was saying, I was referring to the speculation in the article. I’ll edit the post to clear that up. But no need to come down on me about it

@Phaelam is popular now :slight_smile:


there it is!

I like the effort though, love seeing mock ups of gear

Even though I knew it was fake I still found myself scrutinizing all the features as if it were real…


The first thing that hits my eye always are the page scroll buttons :open_mouth:

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Yes, it does :slight_smile:

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I will be at NAMM soon to report! although I bet all be revealed at 10 am pacific time (1.5 hours from now)


Lucky! I would have went this year (I live in San Diego) but I just had a kid so it’s be at home time until I go back to work next week.

Actually I’m starting believing it’s really a Digitakt update. Look at the table color on Simon’s photo. It’s Digitakt color :smiley: !
ARmkII Analog Rytm mkII
A4mkII Analog Four mkII
OTmkII Octatrack mkII
AH Analog Heat
DT Digitakt

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called it :joy:


Pretty obvious innit? :smiley:

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Now we pivot this thread away from ‘what is Digitone??’ to the next thing…

I was thinking they’d definitely do a Monomachine Mk III (a ‘big brother’ to the lower-end Digitone, tabletop digital synth) but a comment by Simon recently made it seem like they’re not thinking ‘remake’ right now. Not sure if that means it’s definitely the death knell for the AK MK II, I still am hoping for one.

I’m going to guess they won’t be thinking a new premium priced single fx box like an Analog Heat is worthwhile.

Which brings me again to what is still lacking in the Elektron ecosystem - a performance mixer like the Roland MX-1 with tons of i/o for other elektron gear as a usb hub, master clocking, FX chains as inserts or sends, p-locked sequencing for all the effects, etc.

I don’t think the OT is up to the challenge as a ‘brain’ + mixer for the high-end Elektron units at this point - not least because it doesn’t have faders for channels!


I’d like to see it in the new MKII form factor too.

I’m thinking they will offer something delay/verb related in AH format.
Now that I think about it, maybe the FX box thing could work in that form factor, without the mixer stuff.
Either way, yeah lets keep this moving forward.

How’d you do that?


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How did you do that???