What was some the best recorded DJ mixes you heard

commercial released mixed CD etc or podcast etc

for me i think
James Holden - Balance 005
Tiesto - Magik 6
Fred P - RA podcast
Levon Vincent - Fabric 63
Scuba - Sub:stance
Prince of Denmark - Live at planet Uterus


Yeah, those PoD mixes are unreal!

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Stuff mixed up by Hernan Cattaneo and Nick/James Warren.

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DJ/Rupture “Minesweeper Suite“
Coldcut “Journeys by DJ“


Well, if you had to make the thread…
Sasha Global Underground San Francisco album.

I used to just buy random electronic music cd’s as a teen to find new music and the way the description read on the back and it was a 2 disc album at the same price as a single disc I went for it.

I wasn’t really impressed, at first. Then as the album progressed, and I couldn’t really discern when one track fully switched into another and then I was really surprised at how much I was getting into it the more I listened. By the end of the 2nd disc I was like, woah!

I was so hooked I eventually talked my parents into buying me a pair of turntables for my birthday one year. Sure many of you may know him, but for a teen in Ohio, I was into stuff that not to many knew of in the late 90’s in my school.


Robbie Hardkiss - Mixed Messages
Mark Farina - United DJs of America
Coldcut - 70 Minutes of Madness
DJ DB - Shades of Technology
Masterpiece Andrew Weatherall
Bottin - (Nang) Master Series
Josh Wink - Profound Sounds, Vol 1

yeah that mark farina is amazing

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i like this one

Minesweeper Suite is just amazing.

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Great Tracklist, incredible sounds, everything perfect! Imho.

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Some old favourites…

Sasha and Digweed - Northern Exposure
PC and Strictly Kev - Blech II: Blechsdöttir
James Lavelle (mixed by The Psychonauts) - Cream Live 2
DJ Krush - Holonic ‘The Self Megamix’
Andrew Weatherall - Bloodsugar 3 I think that’s the correct number.
Steve Cobby - Cobbymix for The Guardian

Any of Rolandos recordings from late 90s have great youthful energy.
This one was great

Paul Oakenfold at Lotherton Hall in the UK is stunning, wish I had been there:

This one up ther for me-

Kevin Saunderson - X-Mix - Transmission From Deep Space Radio

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I’m going to mix it up a bit, I know hip hop’s not a massive thing round these parts but this imho is the best hip hop mixtape of all time…


I loved the Rawkus mix done by DJ Premier, I cannot remember what it was called though…
Some other favourites
Billy Nasty @ the UFO Club 1993
Coldcut JDJ 70 mins of Madness
Orb Live video
DJ Die @ Circus Warp
SLAM past Lessons/Future Theories

Yes man, now we’re talking, I’ve got a massive collection of coldcut and solid steel sessions, some truly great mixes in there…



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