What to shop for?


Well, what I’m after is building up a song with my synths, samplers and sequencers, grab my bass (or guitar), start grooving along the sequence I just built, then at one point record my last 4 bars (for instance) on the bass, and let them loop while I put down the bass and continue with knobs and sliders. Just like I would with a dedicated looper (like the Boss, or the DittoX4 I own), except that none of the loopstations I have worked with were both rocksolid sync-wise and had pristine sound quality. So I imagined that a octatrack, being able to loop AND be the master sequencer would be able to do just that (with the benefit of having much more creative possibilities).Using either record trigs or midi footpedal to trigger the recording. Ideally, I would have a trig on a track that would trigger the recording at the first beat, and have the recorder configured so that it records exactly 4 bars and starts looping. I had set this up with my TC electronics DittoX4, but it was out of sync 8 times out of 10.


Yeah that works no problem, do it all day long. I use my OT as a full time looper, I use sequences but they are made from the loops being recorded in realtime, OT is clock master for AR. Never had a sync issue. Pretty simple for an OT really as far as its sampling capabilities are concerned…


Ok, so far I managed to create my 1st recordings and indeed it’s perfectly possible, thanks all for the input. I got a bit lost at one point because well, Elektron. I used a flex machine instead of a pickup machine and if you set everything up beforehand it’s a piece of cake. And definitely solid, sync wise. So I have my basics covered. I still must find out a way to get longer loops than 16 steps while retaining perfect sync but I guess that’s doable either by using the tempo multiplier, or some wizardry with conditional trigs. I think I’ll start a new thread if neccessary, because the “What should I shop for” question is now closed (until the next gas-attack, that is… :sunglasses: )

PS What a powerhouse! It’s definitely a clever design. It’s lacking memory, for sure and the CF card, well, I guess that has been discussed already, I mean, it’s one more 100€ to upgrade to (only) 64GB of storage…


We can’t record directly to the CF card, can we? That would be too cool. Thanks for pointing this out, that’s one more step into the right direction!


Won’t get into the details right now but I’ll let you know that long loops are possible with track recorders or pickups. I sometimes loop 512 steps and a few times 1024…

Me or someone can explain later probably on another thread, meanwhile if you use search on the forum I’m sure it’s explained a bunch … :slight_smile: