What to shop for?


Well yeah, that’s what I thought too. Initially I wasn’t in the market at all for a new electronic device (I just bought a Rickenbacker bass I wasn’t in the market for either…) but I’m getting so mad at this DittoX4 (which was supposed to live-loop riffs played on said bass) not being reliable in super tightly timed environments that I just need to replace it with something that really works without sacrificing sound quality, and basically everything that it does beyond hands-free live looping is a huge bonus and, as you rightly say, I can expect a lot of cool surprises. I believe I will indeed pull the trigger on the OT MKI. The extra 700€ for a MkII I’d rather spend it on Christmas gifts for the family…


I’m a bass player too. That’s my ‘day job.’ I actually was given 3 basses as a Christmas gift from a fan of one of my bands. A new(ish) Ric 4003, a 1967 Hofner 500/1 and a 1973 Gibson EB3L


I just bought the exact same walnut 4003! All those a awesome instruments, wow! What a Christmas gift! Incredible… I broke the bank to get my 4003 :frowning:


Yep, they ain’t cheap! Super nice basses though. I play bass for a living, do sessions, etc., so having several ain’t a bad thing, but at this point I have more than I ‘need.’ Maybe a dozen or so plus two uprights and a few guitars


We’re going totally OT here (I mean Off-Topic… so I guess we’re still talking OT so it’s admitted, right? :wink: )but I see you mounted a hipshot bridge. My bass has the original bridge but the seller threw in a hipshot bridge: he had it installed but didn’t like it and reversed to the stock bridge. What do you think about tha bridge?


Honestly, that’s how the bass came to me, though I’m a huge fan of hipshot bridges and have them on several of my basses. One of my Gibson Thunderbirds (I have 3, don’t ask!) has the hipshot replacement for the Gibson 3 point bridge. Big upgrade if you ask me. I also have one custom made bass by Andrew Drake with a hipshot A style bridge, which is really nice. I absolutely love the looks of the bridge on my Ric!


Wow man, I’m mouthwatering here … those TBirds are fab too. You’re right, the hipshot looks cool on that walnut Rick. Mine sustains for ages already with the stock bridge, this being said: it’s hard to imagine how the hipshot could improve here…


Going on-topic again: what is the maximum lenght of the OT-MkI’s live-sampling? Couldn’t find this in the manual.


When I got the Infinity the 95000 wasn’t available, so I only looked at the 45000 and went for the Infinity because you need to buy an additional foot controler if you want to use the 45000 hands-free. I just looked up the 95000 and that thing looks insane!


Buy the 500 euro octatrack and test it, for that price you can resell it easily if that is not your thing.


see here


So for dynamic recording into flash memory it’s 16 bit: 508s, 8m28s
24 bit: 339s, 5m39s . Good enough for me (same as the Ditto+4). These are maximum values, assuming nothing else resides in the “flex” slots. I learned about flex slots, static samples, streaming from CF card : this is a pretty interesting design. I also read the MKII is fundamentally a mechanical upgrade, the specs and OS remain the same so I won’t be missing much in terms of possibilities. I will missing the improved workflow, but well there’s a 700€ price difference!


Stupid newbie question but if you have 4 tracks equal length whats the maximum song length if all are playing simultaneously. ie can you have 4 tracks of 8m28secs playing back at same time.


Yes, you can definately play them at the same time. But you need to think about how the sequencers work. 4 bars / 64 steps and then it repeats - the duration of those 64 steps is defined/influenced by the BPM. Maybe someone can do the math … but for such long samples I guess the only way is to use one shot trigs (shift + trig - the trig turns from red to yellow and needs to be rearmed when played once to play again). Still a newbie too … so I hope this is correct.


Just for the record: my local official Elektron dealership had a january sale so I took the plunge and came home with a brandnew OT MkII for 950€. Now I need to learn all the new stuff. To begin with, setting up a basic 16 bar live-sampling track hoping this time I will get something tightly timed and reliable…


But this one remains unanswered… I believe I will need a walkthrough of some sorts to get me started here


Not sure if this is what your after but if you have the OT sequencer already going, it’s quite easy to make rock solid loops that play exactly as you played them and are locked into the record length you defined and bpm of the sequencer… Quite easy to quantize launch them again at any time and they’ll stay in perfect sync…


The MK1 and MK2 have the same number of knobs. It’s just the buttons, screen and inputs that are different.


Fine, more buttons :slight_smile:


Have you considered the Boss RC 505 Loopstation?
It’s been a faithful companion for me for a very long time and should cover your needs.