What to put on a square 3 x3(feet) table for Electronic Music Production


Its a blank canvas. Have fun :slight_smile:


Two spoons and a collection of saucepans


3 what by 3 what?

or imperial nonsense?


Three square furlongs.


that still gives us absolutely no way to tell how big his table is :wink:

but my question is still relevant: 3 meters by 3 meters is simply bigger than 3 feet by 3 feet.
or elbows or whatever nonsense you guys use over there :stuck_out_tongue:

(please don´t get triggered, I´m clearly trolling with this ^^ couldn´t resist. no harm intended!)


Three meter square tables are a popular DIN format.


it´s popular, that´s true. pretty sure it´s not a DIN though :wink:

(there actually is a DIN for standard table HEIGHT, though - it´s 76centimeters.)


Being as it’s a blank canvas I would spread the canvas to cover the sides of the table and then crawl underneath to record vocals.

My production fee could be paid under the table.


One could also canvas the area to drum up business.


Lol. My mistake. Units are FEET. Upward builds (max 6 feet) are allowed.


so that´s just below 1 meter x 1 meter if I´m not mistaken…

Assuming you have your recording device / DAW computer / laptop somewhere else, I would go for something like this:

8-16 ch mixer
2-3 FX boxes (could also be pedals for smaller footprint)
drum machine and/or sampler ideally with multiple outputs (octatrack or machinedrum?)
1-2 synth modules (i.e. minitaur for mono and a virus for poly)
1 keyboard synth or midi controller keyboard like a Keystep

pretty generic, but might just fit onto a small table like that, especially if you could rack up 2 or more of the non-keyboard units / go vertical

alternatively, go full-blown modular and get a ginormous cas you can lay flat on that table :wink:


Wow. Cheers for that. I didn’t think you could get so much on it. At the moment its just staring at me. Im very tempted to cram it full of switchs/knobs/flasing lights. Square tables need a bit if creativity. Cheers! i will look into those you mention.


well as I said, you CAN get that much onto it.

you just have to pick the right machines… or the right racks / stands.

for example I have 2x Elektron boxes in a stand so they end up taking up just a little more space than 1 single Elektron machine with cables.

and if you don´t need keyboards on your synths they end up taking way less space.

in the 90s there were so many 19" rackmount synths around, a lot of these can still be found for cheap used.

so go vertical when you run out of horizontal space would be my advice :wink:

( I live in a really small inner-city apartment that for some reason has 3.50meter high ceilings… so I know a bit about that kind of struggle haha)


This sort of exercise could be relevant for me, as we are expecting a new arrival in May. That means the desk setup I had will move yet again, but this time I have more of a blank slate (albeit a small one) to work with.


60 OP-Z’s obviously!


Here’s what I do with a 2’ x 2’ table:

Can’t imagine what I’d do with the bounty of 2x space on a 3’ x 3’…