What to do with Digitakt's 8 MIDI tracks when using Overbridge?

As the title suggests, what can / should be done with Digitakt’s MIDI channels while using it with the Digitakt Overbridge VST? Can they be “used” in my DAW? Or can they only be used to sequence external devices connected to the DT?

They can be used to sequence midi tracks


Ask @DaveMech


You can do both

Just try it…you wont break anything.


Thanks! DaveMech’s video is actually what inspired me to ask. I must be missing something. I set up both OB and the Digitakt MIDI device exactly as DaveMech did in the video. I can see how to use the pots to record automation, but not plain-old sequencing.

In Ableton Live how do I route the trigger/MIDI note data from one of the 8 DT MIDI tracks, to a device on another track in Ableton? See my GIF where I am sending MIDI to track 9 on the DT, but the MIDI is not coming back even though I set it as the MIDI input on my other device. (I expect it’s not working because I’m using Overbridge.) What am I doing wrong?


Program the sequence on the DT itself. It sends out note data. Sending note data from your daw to track 9 lets you record it into the DT sequencer, but I don’t think it will pass it through (haven’t tried this). Not sure what the benefits would be either :slight_smile:

If you program a sequence on track 9 on the DT itself it should send note data to that midi track. Have you tried this?



Such a loopback through the DT doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would you want to do that?

Send MIDI from a MIDI track in Ableton to the DT when you want to control anything on the device.

Receive MIDI on a MIDI track in Ableton from the DT, when there is actual data sent from the DT (notes or CCs) and you want to capture that or use it to control some VST device.

Thanks all for your replies! The OB beta splash screen specifically suggests not using the sequencer on the DT, instead using the DAW to sequence, which is why I wanted to route the MIDI in this way. (Agreed, it is odd, but I am trying to understand the user experience Elektron is suggesting by using the DT with OB.)

Hey guys!

To start with thanks @DaveMech for your awesome videos & super cool sounding tracks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’m having problems configuring my midi in OB mode. I need to choose on my digitakt OB or usb midi only…?! Tell me if I’m wrong, you can’t do midi via usb in OB mode, right? To do so I would need an external midi device?

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you need to choose OB mode on the Digitakt. And, of course, it does MIDI over USB in OB mode. One cable to rule them all … :wink:

I would suggest to go to Dave’s Youtube channel and view his other videos, too.

When I’m on OB the midi settings in live disappear…?! :man_shrugging:t2:

I didn’t mention I’m a Mac user…! :upside_down_face:

does anybody have issues regarding lag when recordingthe midi sequenced on the digital back into Ableton ?

Hi here, hi @DaveMech how are you all?

well I’m sequencing a Volca Sample with the DT and I wanna control for example the cc value 1 (already affected to cutoff Freq or other parameter from VS) into the daw in order to control it with a midi contrôler. Is it possible to make it? :grin: :grin:

Sending Ableton Midi -> DT use the “External Instrument” Plugin in Ableton, put it on a Midi Track in Ableton and choose Track 1-8 for output in the External Instrument Plugin
Create an Audio Track in Abelton and recieve the Audio of the specific Track in Ableton from the DT.

B) Sending DT Midi -> Ableton, create a Midi Track in Ableton and specify the Input Channel and Monitor “IN”, then u can place any VST or else in this Midi Track

This is cool and all, but you still can’t record to the Digitakt via Overbridge using this method, for whatever reason. It’ll receive MIDI, but won’t record the data. However, if you send MIDI over USB or via a MIDI cable, you can record MIDI data into the Digitakt’s sequencer. I have no idea why Overbridge wouldn’t allow this.

Yep, I just ran into this issue. Did you find any workarounds/fixes?

nope haha, real shame then it would really integrate the two workflows perfectly.

I just set up a track delay for those tracks that are receiving midi from the DT and that is working well for me so far. I know that Elektron says to not enable the inputs/outputs for overbridge instruments in Live’s preferences, but seems to work ok and doesn’t mess up the OB functionality (that I can tell!)

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