What sort of advanced sample manipulation do you do?

Recent owner of the oct, so far I find it incredibly intuitive and easy to learn however I keep reading users mention how the strength of the octatrack is its advanced sampling manipulation compared to other hardware samplers.

I typically use it like I would an mpc; pitch and amp evn adjustments, adding fx, using scenes with plocks on retrigs, filters, fx ect. What else are you guys doing with your sampled material? Other than plocks I find it to be comparable to a mix between a machinedrum and sp404, but I feel as thought I haven’t really gotten into any “new” sampling ground yet, maybe I’ve only scratched the surface?

google “octatrack transition trick” lots of good examples/tutorials

you can use a recorder trig to automatically record your last 4 bars

with the right crossfader settings you can use this as a way to change patterns while looping back the previous audio and fading in the new

super handy for playing live

try some more extreme settings on the LFOs modulating your FX settings as well. I know I under utilized them in the beginning

I guess the most fun and unpredictable thing I do is something like:

  1. Use p-locks and such to manipulate some loop
  2. Resample 4 bars of that
  3. Load the new sample and start manipulating that

Sometimes I will do this multiple times, saving each version along the way. They can end up being recognizable variations on a theme, or they can be something you could never predict from hearing the original loop. Before I memorized the resampling process and made frequent use of it, the songs I made were relatively tame and predictable from the original samples.

Another way to get some weird results is to have an LFO randomly selecting the Slice parameter. I often use it with sliced up glitchy percussive loops so that they never repeat exactly. I can maintain order by having a more predictable kick drum pattern on a separate track.

i don’t know if you would call it advanced but i made a post and a write up here about a technique i have used.

it is essentially a live sampling and playback/mangle of a guitar played into the octatrack. here is the track:

if i would stop playing the guitar you would only hear the arpeggio coming from the analog four and a drone that is a sample of the guitar pre-recorded.