What´s your workflow with synth patches?

Hey there,

am I right that when you buy an elektron soundpack (which does include synth patches only),
you need to create a project and the synth patches will be stored into the project´s sound pool?
So how you guys use those sounds if you want to use a new project?
Do you switch between projects, save sounds from the sound pool to the +drive and load em into your new project?? Seems quite complicated.
Is there any way to save all new synth patches directly to the +drive at once?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Best, Henning

Okay. I get it. Go to soundpool / select all / copy to and select a bank.
Holy sh*t. All this after being tortured by importing Projects/Kits and so on.
But how you know which banks are which soundpacks?
One has to be organised as hell to keep the +drive tidy.
Any chance to rename banks?

You shouldn’t have to copy them from the soundpool to the +Drive.

When you transfer the pack, you choose a sound bank on the +Drive to save them too, e.g. Bank F, and then they are accessible from the sound browser in any project.


:man_facepalming:t3: alright. That was the point I was missing.
Thanks so much!
I think I might have understood the structure now :smile: