What’s your favourite Synth(s) to partner with the Monomachine?

I’m curious what your Mono dream team is and why

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the MnM arp used on it’s midi tracks is really fun to trigger a TD3, then using the TD3s cv out to trigger other synths via the MnM sequencer. routing their audio back in through a MnM FX chain (an arpeggiated ring mod…?) and it can get interesting.


Any analog synth should complement the Monomachine well, especially if it has presets and responds to program changes so you can get different patches per note from the Mono’s midi sequencer.

I like the SH-01A in general and it pairs well with MnM. Having something with a simpler interface is a nice contrast from the Mono’s menu diving.

I really like layering a polyphonic Digiwave sound with an analog poly. The wiry top end of the Mono blends very well with the thicker analog base in this case.

In most cases lately if I’m using the MnM it’s the only synth I need since I’m fleshing out tracks in Ableton. MnM demands quite a bit of attention but is pretty versatile once you start processing its sounds.

From another perspective, any synth or bit of audio for that matter pairs well with Monomachine when used as an effects processor.


I really like to combine it with my Evolver for some crazy sequencing, also like the bass on it.

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For me it is MD! But also thought about taking the A4 to the party as well - having the perfect Büromaschinen setup at hand.

Just wonderful!


My Monomachine sits next to my Peak and sequences it (& does some CC stuff). I like how they both sound, a lot.

I usually have an analogue (or VA) mono synth going for bass as well. Either SH01A, SE-02 or eurorack. But the Peak is also a great bass synth in its own right.

Monomachine’s SID Arp + Blofeld = otherworldly madness


My favourtie partner is a reverb unit combined with the DynaMix machine.

MonoMachines --> E/F
E/F --> Reverb
Reverb --> A/B Input
A/B Input --> DynaMix

The purpose is to drench in heavy reverb but the synth sounds are also very clear.

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I also have Mnm (and OTmk2 and AHmk2) and thinking to add one of these, so I’m interested in your opinions:

  • DN

  • Hydrasynth

  • Matriarch

  • maybe P6/OB6 (maybe bc €€€€€)


P.s. I’m using Ableton and Reason too

Analog four for further processing. Or Dreadbox Typhon, maybe.

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This sounds great is it finished yet?

The problem i have with A4 is that i can’t find demos/tracks/examples that sound interesting to me, that justifies going out-of-the-box! :confused: (although, same happened with Mnm until I heard what Ae did with it)

DN at least sound more versatile and exiting! Hydrasynth and Matriarch could add something unexpectedly new. I’ve tried OB-6 briefly and even though being quite limited vs the others, i was intoxicated by the experience!

P.s. maybe I should have open another thread :confused:

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I see the A4 as a very versatile complimentary synth, more of a jack of all trades. It does not have a dominating character, but this is its strength. I think because of this a lot of people get turned off, as well the time and effort needed to get under the hood and get the best out of it. I find the MNM much harder to work with though but definitely has that more unique sound and character, which is the fundamental appeal, uniqueness in that cold steel digital sound.


I recently got my hands on a Doepfer Dark Energy (my only analog synth at the moment) and it is fantastic for processing just about anything. Today I was running a BBox + Reverb chain through the DE’s filter with a really short envelope (and a noise generator plugged into the filter’s modulation input!) and it made an already pretty wild sequence even more organic, giving it the squelch that’s generally missing from the MnM. Pretty inspiring combo.

Currently, I am stucked with „just“ two boxes - in order to keep complexity handable for me.

Nevertheless: A4 is an awesome option for fat sub-basses (and I am think of using three boxes - but not to use all tracks).

Btw: I like the MnM reverb much better than I expected.

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Ok - I think this is my favorite combo of all times!

SFX-6 is routed through Strymon Big Sky - what an awesome box!

I always thought the MnM’s arp combined with its ability to send a different program change on each step gave it lots of potential for fun drum programming with the right synth, that is one that can change patches instantly. I’ve been meaning to try this with my Monologue and Shruthi-1 for ages but it’s a decent amount of effort to set up the patches. The Bass Station 2 should be good for this truck too.