What’s eating Native Instruments?

Let me begin by first acknowledging how much of a resource this forum is. I am a long time lurker turned first time poster here. Thanks to the many contributors and moderators that make this place a valuable tool.

Now, this post isn’t meant to suggest that the quality of Native Instruments and associated brands (Izotope) are to be questioned. Rather, the value.

Prior to the last year, I don’t recall ever seeing Native Instruments on PluginBoutique. Lately, they’ve become a regular fixture with Massive sales on many legacy and new software. Izotope on the other hand, have been a mainstay to the point I consider the 70% “off” sales as their real value and retail price much like I consider Waves plugins worth $29 per year vs whatever their listed retail price. Izotope had a permanent place on PB.com long before NI so I was not at all surprised when Ni absorbed the brand. Now, NI are PB.com residents.

The near constant “sales” leaves one to wonder, does anyone actually pay list price for these plugins anymore? Like, why would anyone do that?

I was a huge Maschine head. I have had licenses to all of their top software (Komplete, Maschine plus some hardware). However, i must admit that it’s been tough to support NI over the past several years. Terrible customer and developer support. Slow to no major updates to flagship software and virtually no recent support for their latest “flagship” product—Maschine Plus. In fact, I’ve sold all of my hardware and now own just the software and after my experience with Maschine Jam and Maschine Plus—doubt I’d purchase any future hardware from NI due to their track record for abandoning products (Kore, Jam, iMaschine, Maschine Plus?:eyes:).

Is the overall brand in critical condition based on no recent signs of productive activity from the Dev team and its now constant presence on PluginBoutique top deals category?

Is the end @NI nay or is it much ado about nothing?


VC Money

Native Instruments et al are now owned by Francisco Partners, and are part of Soundwide (which owns iZotope, Plugin Alliance, Brainworx and Sound Stacks)


I saw that VC firm Frisco Partners recently aquired a large portion of the company. I believe that was before the whole Soundwide debacle that saw NI absorbing brands like Izotope.

Shouldn’t cash infusion like that mean more development vs less?

InMusic has been buying up everything but aquired brands like Akai, AIR, Focusrite haven’t slowed a bit. If anything, they’ve been killing it since being aquired.

Why such the opposite with NI?

I know nothing about this (disclaimer), but I’d suspect not all companies & vc’s are created equal.

so Inmusic & this vc are entirely different animals. run by different humans etc.


dumped all their resources into the new logo and left you high and dry, my condolences.


Perhaps. Indeed, like people—different companies have different priorities. Perhaps Frisco purchased NI just to turn it into an expansion factory. Hardly seems like a great investment considering the reported amount they paid.

It’s just really disappointing and maybe even a little astonishing such a well loved brand with so many loyal users bleeding it’s base for cash (recycled expansions beating trap/hip hop packs like a dead horse).


Oh the savagery!! :joy::joy::weary::sob:.


I don’t think InMusic own Focusrite, do they?


I think you’re right. I may be mistaken about focusrite.


I find that companies with a large following or fanbase, whatever you want to call it, sometimes become reckless for a time and then right before full tilt, they right themselves and bring something incredible. Maybe that time will come for you, one can hope at least.

However, for a long time people have been talking about how the basic architecture of their software hasn’t seen a change in years, and that as a company they don’t seem to be pushing for dev. So maybe that’s going to change. Hard to say.

As stated, my condolences to the fam.

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Depends on the short term scale by which they expect to maximize returns.

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It would be great to see NI right the ship. For me, it’s likely too late. I’ll keep the software in case Maschine/Komplete Kontrol is updated but I definitely wouldn’t buy any new hardware.

Absolutely not.lol.

NI would have to turn over a new leaf and show responsive support for years to undo the recent shenanigans.

It’s all good. I was able to flip my MK3 into an SP-404 and an M32 into a Roland S-1. Not that Roland is a perfect brand. However, compared to NI their support for their users and producta is on the other end of the spectrum.

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I’ve seen on ahem “other forums” where people are saying don’t bother upgrading your computer because NI software won’t benefit from the upgrades. I mean, it’s not good to hear that, historically at least.

Anyways, it’s never too late. Even Elektron is in-between CEO’s at the moment so let’s all hope for the best, industry-wide outcome for all companies. Because that’s happened before, right?

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Unsurprising for “certain forums” but that doesn’t make a lot of sense from a hardware or development standpoint.

Well that’s if (Big IF) their software is even compatible.

I’m not sure if everything is compatible with Apple silicon yet (I haven’t opened Native Access in months) but even if so it took way too long.

It doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint or from a technical standpoint

gotcha, I’ll see if I can find it. it was something I read when researching upgrading to SSD and not that it would have impacted me specifically, but there was some explanation about how their sw architecture doesn’t take advantage of more modern hardware because all of their code is recycled. I’m not a super tech guy so I’ll have to look back and see if I can dig it up for you, I understand your skepticism though and it sounded weird to me also.

A healthy Elektron and NI is certainly great for the overall community of sound creatives and innovation in general.


Even if something went EOL, more powerful hardware would still perform better with the same code. It just seems like a rant from someone without technical experience and without actual complaints to offer, so they invent some.

Internet communities have well enough gripes as is, yet it is culture that some people will make some up to feel involved.

Yes, nothing on you but that person knows even less than yourself and you should just “ignore” that account ;p

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It had to do with the difference between nvme ssd and regular ssd which is what I was researching and still don’t have a clear understanding of, but it was essentially something that can’t take advantage of whatever the benefits of nvme are over standard ssd. I’ll look for it so you can rip it to shreds for me.

this is like the most positive change of direction this thread could take, if we can follow through on this as an initiative. get yer pitchforks friends, we’re headed to corporate.

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I sold my MK3 and Jam along with my Komplete licence a little over a year ago for the very same reasons. I instead invested my money and energy in Elektron hardware and so far I never had to regret it