What polysynth would pair well with a Digitone?


Having a tough time choosing… Right now I’m between the Peak for $1,299 and the OB-6 for $1,885, both new. The Rev2 I was considering but if I get that I’d want the keyboard version due to the bitimbrality and that’s just a bit too big for my space.

I don’t have the option to try them in a shop, I live in a very small town. To me the OB-6 sounds amazing and has such sonic potential to add depth to my mixes. The Peak is extremely versatile and everyone raves about it, however I feel it might overlap a little with my Digitone. I’m looking to add an identifiable fullness to my mixes with sound design capabilities coming in at second.

I’d consider the DeepMind but the raw oscillators are just too thin for me and you can’t build a temple with a weak base. I’ve seen a few suggestions of the Ambika as well, perhaps I need to listen to it a bit more.

The OB-6 is so creamy to me it’s hard to surpass though but I could use a bit more input before I pull the trigger this week. I use my DN mainly for effects, obvious FM stuff and drum sampling or sequencing.


What about another Digitone? :thinking:


I did consider it… I don’t like having too much Elektron sequencing power, I feel it reduces my musicality. DT/DN are enough for me.

I wish Elektron would release a proper 8-16 voice synth without the bells and whistles of Elektron devices. That’s what I would’ve liked to see at NAMM…


You don’t have to use the sequencer but maybe something with keys is a better combo.




Are you sure then that it’s a synth you’re after? You could invest that money in some great outboard gear if it’s more about sculpting your mixes rather than synth sounds.


I have my DFM12 (£600 for a 12 voice poly!) going through my Analog Heat - fat as you like (and as a plus you can also use the AH on the mix buss later :-))

If you really don’t like the DM sound (have you heard one live?) then a second hand rack Prophet 8 will do the trick, they go for around £800 (so you can still get that Analog Heat :slight_smile: )

PS- the OB-6 does sound great but Behringer are just about to launce their clone, so you may want to wait!


I have a PreSonus Studio 18|24. Not the best but decent preamps for home use and makes me Fender sound pretty nice.

I need something that fills the audio spectrum more and the Peak, Rev2 and OB-6 do that nicely.


I’ve only used one Behringer device and didn’t like it at all but maybe an OB-6 clone would pull me in.


Its the UB-Xa



If you feel the Peak would overlap with the Digitone I’d second the Prophet 8 recommendation or even a Mopho x4. Alternatively, the Korg Prologue could fill the spectrum quite nicely with its user waves while also having the capacity for beefy analog sound that could serve as a good counterpart to the FM clarity of the Digitone.

As for hearing more of the Ambika, this is the demo that originally sold me on mine.


I adore the OB6 so I’d vote for that. of the recently-made synths I’ve played, it’s by far the most vintage sounding, and I think it would compliment the DN sound well.


i have the Peak, and find they work really nicely together – it’s a lot of fun sequencing the Peak from the Digitone and tweaking sounds as it runs.


Yamaha Reface CS?


I adore it too mate based on demos. I do wonder how a Behringer clone would be priced but I can’t stand their CEO and try not to purchase their gear (successful so far), as companies are a reflection of the individual that runs them.

But, that’s a discussion for another time. I think it’d pair well with the DN… those 8 voices get eaten up quickly because I love the drum synthesis so much on it… perhaps I need to finally sample it to my DT… lol.


I would recommend to think about the tone and the versatility needed.

IMO an Oberheim sound is Oberheim all the time, same goes for Moog, Sequential, and some other synths. If it’s the Oberheim sound you want for many of your pad, bass, and lead duties, then go for the OB-6. I love the SEM filter sound too. It’s special.

If you want the polyphonic sound engine to be more versatile, then the peak would be a good choice - and there are others too.


Been waiting for this one too… any news on price and/or desktop option?


+1 to all of this.

The OB-6 has masses of character, but you have to want that over the more neutral Prophet-6 filter.

Peak is a sound design beast though. Good effects too. I would have loved a fully state variable filter on it as opposed to switchable multimode, but you can’t have everything.


Jusr can’t agree with that comment. ‘Sequential sounds like Sequential ‘ but somehow the Novation peak sounds like everything.

Fact is, if the op goes for a Peak, a Prophet, an OB6, whatever - there will be a rich sound palette to play with.

Advice to OP - follow your heart on it, pick the one that inspires you the most… the instrument you will want to switch on every time you see it.


if you want a full sound for pads and chords, Id go for a korg prologue 16, definitely. it can just play a whole bladerunner 2049 soundtrack with one stroke. its unison mode with 48 oscs just blows anything away (exept a schmidt and maybe a moog one).