What piece of gear did you buy that you absolutely did not like?

Behringer D, damn thing just wouldn’t stay in tune. Five minutes and it’d sound completely different. Returned the next day.

Still, I’ve already got the BPro-1 on order :man_facepalming:


Sherman filter bank
Too much head scratching .

T-rezonator 2
Too easy to nearly break headphones , I needed to concentrate on each minute knob tweak … not fun

Malekko manther
Every time I turned it on I found bugs which then distracted me

Behringer neutron
Synth wise it was a bit harsh and I like my fx clean ( it’s got old style bbd delay ). I have seen there’s a mod to cut the harshness off the waveforms. Little

Tg77 , apparently a great monster fm synth but I preferred the clean immediacy if digitone

Didn’t like the workflow.

Roland sp404a
I couldn’t see why it had a good rep.


Akai Tom Cat //// got it for a sale for 100$ sure why not after owning it for a while I realized it was a disco Tom machine lol :joy: at the time paired it with my GBA nanoloop 2 and an electribe er1 mkii , ended up selling it and getting a rytm as my main drum machine never turning back ! Anyone else sell their akai Tom cat real quick ?


OP-Z - too difficult to learn the workflow/button presses, build quality is poo.


Korg Volca Keys

I was in the midst of an international move and sold all my larger synths and picked it up cheap. Played with it on the fight. Sold it at a small profit. Just boring.


I bought a Focusrite 4 channel preamp that was over half off on sale at Mars Music (when that was a thing). I thought that the Focusrite name meant quality, so I never tested it in-store. Got it home and it was the cheapest feeling, paper-thin sounding trash I’ve ever owned (second to some no-name $80 mixer). I returned it immediately.


It’s early days, but I’m currently struggling with liking the CBA MOOD.

It seems like everything that comes out of it sounds basically the same; it’s an… okay same-ness, but…

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Same. Man, I really don’t get the point of it. -_-;


No problems here on my Rytm MKI :slight_smile:


I liked it, but didn’t end up using it as a super portable device, as I originally expected… and I have much more reliable gear in my studio. So it had to go.

On the original subject, I can’t really think of anything I bought and didn’t get anything at all out of. I’ve bought and sold a lot of gear but have enjoyed everything I’ve owned for at least a short amount of time before moving it on.


probably my Microkorg

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MPC Live
Every other gear I have/had had an element of surprise, happy accidents. With the MPC you just had to know what you wanted to do, otherwise you would be lost. Sounded huge though

Waldorf Blofeld
Editing was a Pita and the presets didn’t sound very nice.


My point exactly. I wanted a potential extra piece for live that wouldn’t require anymore space, but nah.

Oh yeah Maschine MK2! Already forgot it. Although I really liked the controller and the idea behind it, I was not able to establish a solid workflow to develop ideas…

…since then, this experience has kept me off getting Ableton Push 2, even if I’m still really tempted to do so…


Moog Mother 32. Before I bought this I had watched tons of videos where the Mother was run through a lush reverb and sometimes multitracked. When I eventually got the device, I realized I had never wanted to make the sort of music I initially thought the M32 was best suited for. Granted, I didn’t explore it much after that and ended up trading it for an A4 mk1 (which has been the exact opposite so far: never lusted for it over YT videos but now I’m blown away by its capabilities).

Roland TR-8. I have a some kind of aversion to synths that are just copies of the original. Doesn’t even matter if it’s made by the same company as the original like in this case. I think the TR-8 was limited in a lot of ways and while the classic 808 and 909 (I also had the 7x7 expansion on it) still have their place in new music, I wanted to have a wider palette of sounds to play with. Enter the Machinedrum. Truth be told, I absolutely hate the colour scheme of the TR-8 as well.


back in the days, when Beatstep was not available yet, i bought Icon iCreativ as a small MIDI controller.
it looked very capable on paper, but turned to be poorly designed and hardly usable IRL.
did not even bother to sell this piece of crap, because no one would want/need it. it resides somewhere at the bottom of the closet, among broken stuff that can be used for parts.

One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure: https://hearthis.at/theostomp/cleanst8/


Malekko Manther
Buggy as hell, and some of the bugs where hardware issues that no firmware could fix. Wanted something 101:esque, but this is NOT it.

Mode Machines Sid
I love c64 and sid, but this is a joke. Made a mental note to myself never to buy anything made by Mode Machines ever again

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I really liked the volca keys. I sold it shortly after I got my monomachine because it seemed a bit redundant, but I kinda miss the gritty, lofi sound of it. I loved how degraded the delay sounds at longer time settings, and the unison/ring mod modes are great. I’d love to have one again, but alas, I really do not need more gear!

Interesting. These come up a lot in local sale groups, and I’m often tempted just because it looks like a 202… good to know I can stay away haha


twas back in the mid/late nineteez, pre / early internet days n info was hard to come by outside of sound on sound mag so I just copied my brother.
silly boy :smile:

oh and opz (apart from step components)