What is the cheapest poly synth that can do stereo unison spread of voices?

DSI Tetra.


Yes, it wasn’t the best choice of thread title but I wanted to rule out the suggestions for multi £1k synths that might come in.

I’m now trying to decide whether the deepmind 6 will be enough for me or if the 12 is worth the additional £200? :thinking:

It’s in the Prophet X too, at least :+1:

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If you can afford it I would recommend the 12 over the 6. There is a high chance that if you buy the 6 you could end up wishing you had bought the 12 instead.

Both are lovely sounding synths with incredible FX that equal the quality of my Eventide H9 and better it in terms of power.

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Very happy with both Blofeld and Deepmind 12D.
Got both for a ridiculous price second hand.
Deepmind was still under warranty (450€) and Blofeld was the same (270€).
All in all, although they are not new in terms of technology and synth engine, they both have a unique sound.
Either one will serve you well. And why not both :slight_smile:
As @Stickhit mentioned above, if you go for a Deepmind, go for the 12. Unison stack will quickly eat voices.
Hope this helps.

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Blofeld is no good unless you are extremely patient and dedicated. Very tedious.

Don’t know for sure but maybe Cobalt8?


I think I will get the 12, I have bought and sold quite a lot of gear due to jumping on good deals or just being curious. But I want a steady set up now so I can really go deep with what I have.

The size of the deepmind’s won’t suit my set up well, I’ll need two ‘stations’ but the 12 isn’t much bigger than the 6 and even the 12d isn’t small.

If you already have a keyboard with pitch and mod wheels you can do fine with the 12D.
The desktop version does everything the keyboard versions do, even transmitting both arp sequences and chords to MIDI out.

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Not the cheapest option but just chiming in to add that the Novation Peak has a stereo spread parameter for its unison voice modes.


I really enjoy the unison and spread of the Argon8. It has 8 voice polyphony but each voice has two osc sections and each of those has 2 oscillators in it. So if I’ve done my maths right you have a total of 32 voices to use in unison, detune and spread. So it sounds massive. Add to that all the modulation you can do between the osc sections and the waveform mods. It’s such a powerful synth for a small price. The desktop version, Argon8m, is my choice and in the uk at least can be found for quite a discount.


No, Micromonsta 2 can be bitimbral but a setting can make it a mono timbral 12-voice poly. In unison mode, you can stack several voices, starting with two, which makes it a 6-voice cheap unison poly.


Good to know, I was referring to the Deepmind :smiley::smiley: should have made it clearer… :+1:t2:

(I was answering to your second post in this thread)

Nord lead A1 can give you a 16 voice unison, detuned with stereo spread.
You get there by using all 4 layers (slots) each in 4 voice unison. It’s a long time since I used it, but it is excellent for orchestral strings and string machine sounds.
It was cheap when I bought it a few years ago. Some gouging going on now.

How about the Mfb synth pro, apparently does some strange stereo thing with the filter, not sure if it does what you’re after though

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Thanks for mentioning that the a4 can do this.

While I’m waiting for some gear to be sold I’ve been getting less keen on the sheer size of the deepmind 12 and that I would then need two ‘stations’.

I have to admit I had just counted the a4 out due to assuming it was out of my price range. But having recently got a digitone and falling in love with it, I thought I would check out the a4.

So glad I did. Wow. Such power given to an analogue synth!

So now I’ll wait and get a 2nd hand mki or maybe even sell everything else and get a mkii. I really think (apart from sampling) I should be able to do all I want with my Digitone and an A4.


Just because I’m excited… I snagged an Analog Four MKI from Reverb for £625 all in. That’s a fair deal right?

just calculated the avg price of last x3 A4Mk1 sold on eBay in th last 3 months (haggling with a seller) and it was £518


to answer the OP’s question = a used Waldorf Blofeld (but the unison isn’t that PHAT tbh)

I’ve paid over the odds then but I don’t really care. Digitone plus A4 fun, here I come :grin: