What is Func+Fix for?


On the front panel of the mkII it’s labelled as “Setup”, but doesn’t seem to do anything. Does this do something on the mkI version?


There’s no FIX button on MK1 (presumably F/X came out wrong when the button was molded)

Fn FX is labelled Kit and does Kit options
Fn Trg is Labelled Setup and gives global/selected-track quantize options


Fix is for fixed velocity on the mkII.


It’s the Setup for the fixed velocity, I believe.

“Press [FIX] to enable the FIXED VELOCITY mode for the pads and set them to trig with a fixed velocity. Press [FUNC] + [FIX] to access the menu where you can adjust the fixed velocity amount.”


Ah, that makes sense. Duh on my part :slight_smile:


“Setup” is quite misleading since it’s just the Fixed vel amount.
Any idea why it changes to blue color when pressing TRK+FIX? (if already on setup)


You don’t even have to hold TRK, just pressing FIX in Setup Mode toggles purple and blue in a most pleasing way. :upside_down_face:


Right. Maybe it doesn’t really mean anything.