What effect box next?

Hi all, after I have the first effect box (AH) in my collection I am asking myself what shall I get next.

I have Sub 37, Sub Phatty, AK and AR. Shall I get a delay (moog F-104M ), MF-105M MIDI MuRF I find also interresting, or a reverb. or better use that money on modular devices ? or what else could be a good addition ?

I still reckon this one is aces.
Line6 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FJ8Sccr4vlI

I´d get a nice reverb first.

I really like my mf-104z a lot, but it´s very special soundwise. i don´t use it as my main delay.
i prefer a stereo delay that doesn´t colour the sound that much for that.

i had a murf years ago and it was a lot of fun, but to
be honest one day i was murfed enough and sold it.

your question is very common, but there is no common answer.
i´m afraid you have to find out yourself what you like. there are too many great effect boxes out there.
but you never go wrong with a decent reverb.

be careful with modular stuff ! that can get a never ending and very expensive story.

For synths/samplers my Sp404 (chained to sp555 fx) is prob most used fx box here. Can be had cheapish used and you get a free sampler thrown in :wink:

Pretty lofi fx/not to everyone’s taste and no presets/midi cc etc tho…