What do accents on the MachineDrum really do?

The title says it all.

Do the accent on the MD “simply” raise the step’s volume? or does it do some extra thing to the current sound playing, like on the A4 for example?

If they do something more, is it possible to trigger accents via MIDI, for example via a Cirklon?

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plain volumeboost…nothing fancy :wink:

Damn, was hoping for some slight distortion or something similar.
Well, Velocity automation it will be then :slight_smile:

Run it hot into a distortion or compressor or something, and fine tune the levels so that the non accented notes are just beneath the threshold. Then the accented notes will distort/compress, etc. :slight_smile:


i remember a post on Elektron Users where it was mentioned that on one instrument at least, it was effecting more than just the volume, if an Accent trig was on the same step.

any other user experience regarding this potentially nuanced awesome feature?

I don’t remember that about the MD. I believe that it is true about the Analog Four/Keys.


just thought i would mention as it is a little known piece of information

the instrument who’s parameter other than volume that was changed was something like a rimshot, not sure, but what i am sure about is that it was confirmed by admin as being true.

whatever the instrument was, its ramp and or ramp dec parameter was the one being affected by the accent. or something similar.

although this may seem like untrue folk lore, it is in fact true, i remember testing it at the time and yes the accent was affecting more than just the volume on that instrument.

this was about ten years ago.
fwiw it was also mentioned that this was not the case with all the instruments/kit voices.

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Would love to know more!

All I found was you discussing it on E-U about five years ago:

and one previous mention by @xmit that had no follow-up:

Maybe it was pre-Elektron-Users?

Any Elektron pioneers on hand to answer?

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it was on Elektron users, although perhaps pre-integrated search function … the user who mentioned it posted about the topic in perhaps 2008/9

can anyone else confirm on a mk2 running OS1.63 if accented trigs are out of phase with normal trigs… :exploding_head:

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