What did I do wrong?

been working on a tune for a few days now and saved its relevant rytm parts every time I shut everything off for the night (and often, I would save every time I made a change to a kit/pattern/song, out of fear I’d lose anything). I had three different sessions where I picked up where I left off last time (between powering down, then back up) and everything was fine each time, nothing lost/nothing changed. then I went to actually record stuff and my sounds are back several generations. like not the original sounds from the pattern, and not what I saved last, but somewhere in-between. even though, like i said, I have religiously saved the kit, pattern, song, and project. what’s wrong?

Could you possibly have gone to save the project and gone straight to the project load page and reloaded by mistake. I’ve done this when I’ve not been paying attention and held the func+global buttons for too long. Not noticed I’m in the load screen and then reloaded 3 months of work. I hate that shortcut!!!

maybe…? but even then it should’ve re-loaded the kit I’d saved several times, right?

to be clear: when I turned the machine on, it re-loaded a kit from a few days back. even though I’d altered and saved it several times since then. it wasn’t that I was mid-session and all of a sudden the wrong kit was there. I booted the thing up and went “wtf, where are my sounds?”

Aye that’s weird. I’ve never heard of any glitchy things with the memory like that apart from saving in the first project slot causing weird issues. Annoying losing work when you’re saving all the time!

If you stayed on the same project the whole time it Sounds like you didn’t save all the kits.
The only thing you have to worry about when turning it off is saving the kits…
Saving patterns is just a performance feature.

Saving the project is the safest thing to do before powering off,
I think that’s saves all the kits, and is all you need to do
If you are not saving the project before powering off you need to save each individual kit

same project, same kit, four patterns. and yeah, I thought the most important thing was project saving (basically “save all” right?).

like I said, the weirdest thing was that it reverted back to a kit from two days prior. I am on the previous OS (got it last summer, haven’t updated) so I guess it’s worth updating…

If you are only using 1 kit and 4 patterns you don’t have to save anything,
You can just turn it off and it will be exactly where you left it when you turn it back on.
It’s only when using multiple kits you can lose things,
but if you want to be safe just save the project like you said and save all…

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well it was that and a song to arrange the patterns. which I really didn’t want to lose. so I just figured save everything before shutting it down.

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