What book are you reading and why

Synth manuals excluded!
I’m reading Naked Lunch. Reason - one of the few books I’ve never made it through. It’s not the subject matter, but the disjointed prose in some sections that’s stopped me each time. I see it as a challenge.


Cause systemic racism.


ive found he best way to approach naked lunch is to think in the way it was written meaning understanding its disjointed and not looking for a linear narrative.

currently reading Camus’ Myth of Sisyphus, working through my collection of Camus, again.


I’ve heard this is the way with Gravity’s Rainbow by Pynchon too, which is on my list


Deep shit


because i really want to release my debut album this or next year.
and it must be a live album. which is both a lot of challenges & a lot of fun.


Just finished:

Pretty disappointed, but I’ve been a huge fan for over 20 years, since my bandmate introduced me to Cluster in 1999 when I was 19. So, I couldn’t NOT check it out.

Before that:
Which was interesting, albeit a bit muddled organizationally. But yeah, I teach American history and have become increasingly interested in Cold War era history. My graduate work was in pre-Mongol nomadic Turks. My interest in American history generally tends to be Native and colonial topics, so it’s a nice change of pace to read about nuclear submarines and US naval policy in the 1970s and 1980s :slight_smile:


Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson

Some of the best fantasy writing I’ve ever read. If you’re into the genre at all, start with The Way of Kings. Its characters develop so well and it’s an engaging story that comes together perfectly. I can’t get enough of Sanderson’s stuff.


Heavy, like it

I am! I’ll look this up and add to the queue

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Because i like to torture my brain with tough political philisophy and i heard a good podcast interview with one of the writers. His spoken arguments are a whole lot clearer than his written ones though…


A: This forum.
W: Because I’m avoiding work and the stress of existing in the present.

Edit: Pardon my doldrums.

Real Answer:
The Fifth Season, N.K. Jemisin.


  • First book in a trilogy, and I needed something to obsess over.
  • It’s amazing to read sci-fi that’s not written by a dude.

Naked Lunch is a really fun book!

The last book I read was “The Power Of Now,” by Eckhart Tolle.

I read it to achieve better focus, and I think it worked.

I haven’t cracked into a book in some time now, but I do appreciate this reminder.

…it’s tough to read now, though, because it’s Onewheel season. =)


Currently on the last book of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series…


I hear you…reeeeaaalllyyy shitty week so far.

One foot in front of the other.

Looking on the shelves nothing really appeals to me except.

Going to either start to re-read;

Behind the Glass - Howard Massey
Wait for it…attempt to secretly enjoy my childhood Tintin/Asterix books.

But actually want a really good sci-fi thriller to get into.

I’m a big fan of tough sci-fi/cyberpunk

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Shoot your tips please!

I compiled a list from friends’ suggestions. Will post it when at my laptop.

as a preparation for the upcomming movie (and hopefully a good adoption)

i’ve read all the chapters when i was 16 years old



Reading Power of Now at the moment.
I try to deal with depression, and change the way I look at life. It’s not a long book but I read a few pages at a time since its quite meaty in another way. Sometimes it feels like im not in the right mindset to absorb whats in it so I tend to read when im feeling it.
I really like it so far and his videos are great too, he puts to words some thoughts I have had or questions in my mind, and he does it very well.

Audiobook wise its all entertainment, I’ve been listening to Warhammer 40k books for years now non stop, I really like it. Horus Heresy, Eisenhorn and more.