What Are You Listening To Lately


Completely into it… it’s not new… never heard of them, they’re from canada and it’s all I like to listening. between Bjork and trip hop thing like nneka

ELSIANE : Elsieanne Caplette et Stephane Sotto


Spending the afternoon listening to Stanislav Tolkachev, who I’d never heard of before. One piece of brilliance after another. Thanks!








Today I’m rinsing some of the more recent works by Schwefelgelb. I dunno how this band hasn’t blown up larger than they are, but maybe Europe is more familiar with them.



some fun with house
and plunder sounds


New DJ Koze on endless repeat.


yeah it’s really nice


„really nice“??? That‘s a gross euphemism.


Dj koze is dope from its beginning and never ceased to amazed me :stuck_out_tongue: and it’s a very NICE guy :wink:
This one is always in my DJ Bag :



I really like it :wink: I can’t sing praises, cause it’s too catchy partially for my taste.


I can see where you‘re coming from, yet Kosi is one of the few who seem to be able to get away with anything, for me anyways. I think „Knock Knock“ contains some of his finest work and that‘s saying something.


Going to be very hard to beat as Album of the Year for me