What Are You Listening To Lately


The synths on this track are hot. L’Impératrice - Erreur 404


The Body & Krieg







Interesting video to go with this one,


Posh Isolation Mix



I see many of u have absolute shite taste in music. Bollocks the lot of ya



This album is helping me just when I need it the most.



This album brings back so many memories from 90th and playing this cassette to death!!!


I don’t know what it is about French music but I instantly like so much of it when I hear it (or maybe by the time I hear it in here the US, I am hearing the best of French music). Too bad here in the US we rarely, if ever, get to hear it unless I browse for it online.


So good, deep & melodic, one of the standout tracks of Avery’s DJ Kicks

edit :
Speaking of which, his new album is great. It packs a lot in a short time and it’s a definite grower. I wasn’t too impressed upon first listens, but it’s very coherent and whole, it’s a pleasure to listen through. Might cop on vinyl.


Loving a bit of Donny at the minute … defo gonna be part of my summer soundtrack :sun_with_face:


Where are all the party people at? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Got me this lp of Radius - Obsolete Machines; echospace have been going strong with reissues/rework recently :

For those who like it subterranean.