What Are You Listening To Lately


Watched him do a set a few weeks back on a tiny briefcase modular for 30 mins after Cosey’s book launch in London. He was jamming but it sounded great.

Afterwards I had a brief peek over his shoulder but didn’t recognise any modules. Couldn’t pluck up the courage to ask him what they were as he was already explaining the set-up to Daniel Miller.

I did say hi to Cosey though. Which was good for me as I’m normally quite shy :blush:


Aaaaaaand back on topic


Thanks to ‘The Body’ I am listening to this today.

Lingua Ignota
All Bitches Die


Out of nowhere, I got a massive desire to listen to this album- not on any streaming services. Had to repurchase the album.

But will be worth it. This is the most chill & clean sounding of Aphex’s releases, imo.


Been hitting the old Pure Data/Algorave/Livecoding scene lately, this is just insanely gorgeous…


is there anything else to listen to this month?


re: Ae?

they have 3 more 2hr shows. on thurs of each week.



Good, better than most lectronica I heard over the past two years. So refreshing to hear someone do something authentic.

In May I go back to ‘King Dude’ and ‘King Krule’ and making my own music.


Heck yes, that’s a great band I love those guys



YES youve got pheotus on your breath baby…

Ive never seen this clip…there are so many Australian Adds from the 80s and 90s used in the compilation…the families being bowled down by the grim reaper was an anti AIDS campagne that scared the crap out of everyone…They dont make em like that any more…



Seems like Amon Tobin did a small Soundcloud dump yesterday.

more tracks and livesets


I believe It’s a fan made video - a good one :v:




Stick with it and it just keeps flipping genres



Finally said fuck it and swallowed my pride and bought the LP at Discogs prices. I’m fucking stoked. One of my definite fav for sure.