What Are You Listening To Lately


Do yourself a favorite
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My favourites of the last year’s aphex releases



Every time I start this record I’m like : Damn this is really cheesy
By the second song I’m all dancing around with volume on full blast. Love it. The 3xlp sounds killer too


Digging out old vinyl


gave FKA twigs a bit a of run lately after seeing her in an Apple ad. She’s pretty special, a real artist. I admire what she does a lot


Me and a friend heard this in an independent record shop in the mid 80’s - the guy turned it up on purpose - it blew us away and he made made 2 more sales


Good thing I don’t have neighbors for the time being.


Thank you for this. I used to have this on vinyl. I bought everything of theirs I could at the time. The packaging was so well done.


I can’t get this melody out of my mind:


Ever breath a frequency?


Youtube have some serious jams …


First time I’ve heard of the band. Digging the sound.


To quote someone I’d rather not, what do you mean ?

Currently listening to a 3+ hours ambient mix by the guy behind the Astral Industries record label :


Mixtapes. Perfect for work, car, public transport, doing dishes, … in other words, endlessly useful.


Sunn O)))



Have found this great tape on week end.