What Are You Listening To Lately



You don’t think John Tejada is dance music?


The particular track that my comment referred to doesn’t quite fit that description…


I’m super obsessed with Umfang’s latest album, ‘Symbolic Use Of Light’, at the moment.
It’s impressively spartan in its sound, and has an alluring mystical quality to it.


It was the only track available on youtube… The comment was referring to the album as a whole:

I thought it was pretty clear but maybe not…


currently giving my ears and speakers a good workout with this glorious cacophony…


Scarpa - Wilderness

Excellent tribal/percussive techno. Very heavy on the subs


Mick Harris: simply love everything he does / he have done! Enjoy https://player.vimeo.com/video/254459494


Okwonga has lyrics!

BBXO is:
self-honesty’s sting - the distant friend who suddenly rings - the morning mist, the first hand across the family rift -


really amazing piece of music


He has a 12"(as FRET) coming out on L.I.E.S sonner than later.



didnt let me edit previous…so, post no.2


good follow up…


Finally a comp of Nicolas Jaar’s releases as AAL

New Daniel Avery sounds good

And banging binaural techno from melbourne’s Elisabeth Dixon


so good


This nice one here does’t get boring for me, love it!



Awesome indeed!


Yep, love the kind of techno this guy puts out. Spain seems to have quite a good scene.

Just remembered that I had yet to give this a listen :

I should have done so earlier ! Super powerful kraut/industrial with fantastic south Tunisian chants.


A sad song about bubblegum

And another interesting jazz/vocal group, from Estonia