What Are You Listening To Lately


He used to rock a RYTM and an Octa at one point












Full of Hell & Merzbow Split



everytime i check out this soundcloud feed it sounds great.
long time idm producer and still doing superb melodic glitchy electronicaaahhhhhh.


I think it’s one of the last knight to be really creative even after so many years in the techno… he impressed me in every project.

His performance few years ago on his knees to the ground playing some cosmic music like a yogi or a fakir … to inflict some suffering to him … was very interesting… (maybe i translate this like that but for him it wasn’t the point but i feel it like this…)

Real Artist there :thup:


Agreed. I’ve been a huge fan since discovering techno as a teenager. What I find really impressive is how he’s kept up such a volume of highly creative output coupled with an extensive touring schedule for all these years. The word “legend” is often thrown about but appropriate in his case. This EP really shaped my future as youngster - seems such along time ago now.


Man Is The Bastard


OH SHIT…NEW MEAT BEAT…this shit is LUSH! so good!


Only Friday I was driving along listening to a blank cd I found in the glove compartment, when Radio Babylon came on and reminded me of me my misspent youth.


Great EP, along with waveform transmissions vol 1. I never knew music like this could exist. Certainly shaped my ideas of what music could be…