What Are You Listening To Lately


cant get enough of N at the minute.


Hadn’t heard Emptyset till recently and I can’t figure out why.


“tiny fragmentations” has a dope, Machinedrum-esque flow.


ebcdic nails modular techno so damn well :


Boy did not even know what electro was until after the fact. :rofl:

But boy is a quick learner. Here’s boy teaching a master class. The production quality is a bit rough, but a rare treat all the same.

Interesting take away (among many): invest in a compact analog mixer for your setup.



Cheers. Been revisiting alot of his material of late. I’ll give this a watch


Really enjoyed that.


Love the cover :slight_smile: Very GG-Allin





if you dont know Bruton Music…you might like this stuff

library music is awesome.



Absolutely LOVE Nicholas Lem’s work and this video was my very first introduction to Elektron:


Luke Vibert Nugget series is chocfull of library gold!


Apparently my upstairs neighbor got a new boyfriend. That’s what I’ve been listening to lately. :expressionless:


Ready for the World: thumbs up


Oh mate!
You need to ‘pump’ some frequencies through the ceiling to put him of his ‘rhythm’. Or tell him her last boyfriend died. But like, ‘totally unsuspicious circumstances…’


Yeah, his rhythm is pretty bad… I almost feel sorry for her. :slight_smile: Maybe a little “Up for the down stroke” or More bounce to the ounce" would help!